Month: May 2017

The Last of Us [Braun, The monster among us]

Russia’s Alpha Group is one of the best-known Special Forces units in the world. This elite antiterrorism unit was created by the KGB in 1974 and remains in service under its modern-day counterpart, the FSB.

Russian special forces — the Alpha Group, in particular — was criticized during the 2002 Moscow hostage crisis, in which at least 120 hostages died from the effects of a gas used to knock out militants who had seized a theater.… Read Full Article

Errol Spence Jr. | THE REVEAL with Mark Kriegel

Top-rated contender and Dallas native Errol Spence Jr. opens up in an extensive interview with Sports Emmy® Award-Winning Writer Mark Kriegel in advance of his welterweight title fight with IBF Champion Kell Brook at Bramall Lane in Sheffield – Saturday, May 27 – live at 5:15 PM ET/2:15 PM PT on SHOWTIME.… Read Full Article

10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Soldiers In The World

top 10 sexiest women military personelle ready for war
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Nations around the world each spend billions upon billions yearly when it comes to their respective militaries.… Read Full Article

The Last of Us [Rum and Relaxation]

Spain’s Unidad de Operaciones Especiales — or the Naval Special Warfare Force, as it has been known since 2009 — has long been one of Europe’s most-respected Special Forces. Established as the volunteer Amphibious Climbing Company unit in 1952, it has since become an elite fighting force.… Read Full Article

Female Zombie Riot – Not Walking Dead, Hot Babe Zombies Galore, get your Grindhouse On! – WATCH!

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