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The Last of Us [Girlie chicks with dicks, who are girlie chicks]

Mondo looks out the bedroom window in Frau Schmidt’s condominium. It turns out that there’s a gender-bending aspect to Frau Schmidt’s physical fantasy, and it is Parts—most insidious, indeed. She’s truly being molded into Frau Schmidt’s image.

They fucked hard and rough, for the fourth straight night after their usual twelve-hour shift. Frau Schmidt is asleep on the bed. She is naked, except for her perls and her Parts. Craving to be a she-male. She rarely removes her Parts, only doing so when she has to—i.e., Parts worn 24/7. Her geriatric hair is liberally streaked with grey and a “dirty” white bordering on grey. Her geriatric bush is the same mosaic of grey and dirty white. That is. Matching drapes and rug. A geriatric bush concealed by her Parts.

Mondo is naked except for her perls and her Parts. For her duration on the case and for her tenure as Frau Schmidt’s partner, she will wear her Parts in place of her thong. There’s a growing craving in her to be she-male. She’s yet to remove her Parts since she put on the robotic strap-on four nights ago. That she-male craving began after she first feed upon Frau Schmidt.

What else? No sternns and no sternka. Her hair isn’t geriatric, thus it is yellow-blonde instead of yellow-blonde liberally streaked with grey and a “dirty” white bordering on grey.

Oftentimes, after they fuck, Mondo will feed upon Frau Schmidt. Gorging herself on the Kum-tainted blood of the butch lesbian. Then they will get drunk and shoot up on reagent.

Yes. Frau Schmidt is a drunken, junkie whore also. But, she’s also one hell of a detective.

Besides the Parts, there’s another robotics device that’s worth mentioning. Something that goes hand-in-glove with that depraved sexual appendage. Something Borg that is just as sexual and depraved in nature because Mondo is a sadomasochist. It is the Borg alcove that she uses in place of a bed for her sleep cycles.

The Borg alcove that stands in the center of the bedroom is not that of a drone. It is that of a queen. As such. When Mondo steps into this central alcove it pulls her apart, killing her—it is an excruciatingly painful death, and, as such, Mondo craves it.

Each Borg drone is assigned to a specific Borg alcove within the vessel they are assigned to, while specific alcoves can be interchanged with certain modifications, the central alcove however is meant only for the Queen. This chamber holds the biological components of the Queen’s upper torso and head for regeneration while a mechanical lower half body is assembled and attached when the Borg Queen emerges. Typically, however, her emergence only occurs when the situation is deemed necessary.

The enigmatic Borg Queen is the central locus of the Borg Collective. She brings order to the legions of voices within the Hive mind and provides a common direction—much like the queen of an insect colony. She resides primarily at Unimatrix One in the Delta Quadrant, but will often leave this home base to participate in assimilation efforts of a special nature.

The Borg Queen has a unique personality and a sense of individuality that normal Borg drones are not allowed. She is usually the one who “speaks” for the Collective in situations where contact with outsiders is best conducted by an individual. But for the Borg Queen the concepts “I” and “we” are interchangeable. In her own words, she is the “one who is many”.

The Queen spends much of her time in her “lair” with her head and spinal column residing in the upper portion of this special alcove. When she emerges, she will “reassemble” herself via this central alcove into a predominantly artificial body—the arms, legs, and torso are entirely synthetic, while the head and shoulders are organic, but with substantial cybernetic implants.

This well-endowed, anatomically-correct prosthetic body is stored in its constituent pieces in the base of the alcove. Upon reassembly by the central alcove, the five pieces rise from their hidden recesses to be joined with the Queen’s biological upper portion, and then the Queen is dressed in an EXO.

In Mondo’s case, except for her Parts, she has no biomechanical aspects. But. The usual central alcove disassembly/assembly process still holds true. After Mondo is pulled apart, the chamber holds her head, spine, and upper torso [i.e., her shoulders] as one piece. The rest of her corpse is stored as five pieces [i.e., the arms, legs, and torso] in hidden recesses in the alcove’s base. Mondo resurrects in pieces and goes into sleep cycle.

For a short time after reassembly, Mondo only answers to her Borg designation of Seven—i.e., during that brief post re-assembly period, Mondo Kane does not exist and there is only Seven of Nine, a robot with geriatric hair wearing Parts, and that depraved robot is increasingly a butch lesbian. This Borg depravity turns on Frau Schmidt to no end.

Frau Schmidt is an evil person. A villain with a badge. And she intends to take full advantage of the girl’s depravity. By experimenting upon the girl. Performing the very same Kum experiments that she’s performing upon herself.

Mondo senses a presence manifesting itself in the bedroom. An apparition resolves itself into Dame Coco. Not Coco’s physical presence, only her astral projection.

“How goes things?”

“The usual, Coco. Frau Schmidt has proven herself to be just another in a long line of worshippers who craves to enslave me. Drugs, alcohol, sexual depravity, etc. And, she’s experimenting upon me too, and thinks I don’t know about it.”

“What types of experiments?”

“The Kum kind.”

“And while you are here, your investigation at the LC goes on hold.”

“Not quite.”

“How so?”

“While I’m sleeping as pieces in the alcove, encrypted transmissions can still be beamed into my frontal cortex via the alcove. In response, my Id will process the transmissions. Once the transmissions end, I’ll go back to sleep.”

“What do you want sent?”

“The cleaning crews are human and they have to sign in and out on a separate visitor’s log. Correct?”


“They work in shifts, staying for a month at a time?”


“And they are retards?”

“Yes. Severely retarded.”

“I want their logs sent to me, starting with five thousand years before Councilwoman Marshall’s murder.”

“What are you looking for?”

“I’ve got a hunch. It’s a longshot, but I need to see the logs for confirmation.”

“Consider it done starting with your next sleep cycle.”

Coco fades from view, with Frau Schmidt none the wiser. Mondo licks her lips and steps into the central alcove. She’s electric with anticipation about what is to befall her.

Upon ingress, the alcove tears her apart. Mondo shrieks in ecstasy and then dies. Her hair turns geriatric—i.e., her mane turns yellow-blonde liberally streaked with grey and dirty white, and her bush becomes a matching geriatric mosaic of gray and dirty white. And. Then. There is the smell of burning flesh as her Parts fuse seamlessly to her nethers, rendering that portion of her body prosthetic. A geriatric bush concealed by the Parts fused to her body. This sequence always happens upon disassembly. The reverse will happen after the short post reassembly period when she is Seven. Therefore. When Seven reverts back to being Mondo, her hair will no longer be geriatric and her Parts will no longer be fused to her body and will be merely a strap-on again.

The first of the encrypted transmissions is beamed into her brain via her alcove, triggering her to wake up. The girl’s eyes open. Blood running from her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Robot girl. Robot head.