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The Last of Us [Rape-ish, Rape-esque, Rape-like: What Is Going On?]

Rape porn is a vile and depraved subgenre of pornography involving the description or depiction of rape. It is controversial because of the argument that it encourages people to commit rape. However, studies of the issue produce conflicting results.

Rape pornography should not be confused with the depiction of rape in non-pornographic media. Simulated scenes of rape and other forms of sexual violence have appeared in mainstream cinema almost since its advent. For example, in the 1988 film The Accused actress Jodie Foster received a Best Actress Academy Award for her portrayal of rape victim Sarah Tobias.


Fraulein Kane and Frau Schmidt visit the crime scene. Frau Schmidt lets Mondo study the brief before she quizzes the girl. The supplied brief is incomplete and flawed, containing one of the early simulations. The purpose of the brief is to test Mondo’s investigative skills vis-à-vis crime scene reconstruction.

It’s not enough that Mondo meets Frau Schmidt’s physical standards. The girl must meet her investigative ones as well. Looks aren’t enough, neither is sexual prowess. Frau Schmidt intends that the girl is her new partner, a partner that she will have to train and mold. As such. The girl must qualify, no exceptions given. The girl must be the complete package, just like her previous partners have been.

Later on. If things go well here. She’ll test the girl’s sexual prowess, and the girl’s penchant for depravity and debauchery.

Crime scene reconstruction: To gain explicit knowledge of the series of events that surround the commission of a crime using deductive and inductive reasoning, physical evidence, scientific methods, and their interrelationships.

“Your assessment?”

Mondo decides not to scrum. Instead, she starts with the sequence of the attack. She’s succinct and to the point.

“Simon kills the senator’s daughter. The brunette doll chick guard reacts accordingly, but Simon is too fast and he kills her too.”

“While the blonde security guard, the one who looks a lot like you, does what?! Watches?!”

For girl watchers who crave De Blondes. Hot blondes rule the roost. Mondo looks like a lot of doll chicks—i.e., blonde, buxom, leggy, pancake ass, big mouth, slender, etc. Conversely. A lot of doll chicks look a lot like Mondo. Hers has always been the most popular look for dolls. A reign with no end in sight!

Instead of responding to Frau Schmidt’s retort. Mondo decides to scrum. Her 5/15 is per the police brief, to the letter.

“They … the blonde and the brunette security guards … clear the ladies room, somehow missing Simon’s presence, and declare it safe for the principal. Principal enters and heads for a stall to shoot up. The blonde closes and locks the door to the ladies room. Outside the restroom in the club, the rest of the security detail falls back wide and loose per presets agreed upon by the principal and her parents. No CCTV in the ladies room, and CCTV in and about the night club is sketchy at best.”

“The blonde and the brunette were experienced, well-trained operators. There’s no way he could get the drop on both of them. The blonde must have been his willing accomplice, because she sure as hell wasn’t being worn.”

Again, that acid tone in Frau Schmidt’s voice. It’s akin to fingernails raking a chalkboard. She can be a real uber shrew when she wants to be. And now is one of those times.

On the Mars of Earth-1, Mondo’s Earth, you can’t be possessed, even if your would-be possessor is an Angel, or is half an Angel as in Simon’s case. Therefore, wearing a person, or any other type of possession for that matter, is off the table as a possible explanation for the blonde guard’s inaction during the brutal murders of the principal and her partner.

“Simon never uses accomplices.”

“Well, he must have in this instance. And. Bad CCTV notwithstanding, only one person left that restroom after the murders. And. That person was not Simon, a Simon who was not found present in restroom afterwards. Explain that!”

“That person was a tall, leggy, buxom blonde who strongly resembles me on the CCTV footage you showed my betters.”


“A blonde you know to be a Secret Service agent. A decorated agent with an exemplary service record, who has seemingly, inexplicably gone rogue. But. Knowledge isn’t proof, most especially in a court of law.”


Frau Schmidt gestures for another scrum. Mondo complies.

“A dark night club, crowded, loud music—a security nightmare. Fuzzy CCTV images of a mystery blonde wearing round Edith Head sunglasses making her egress from the restroom after the murders. Images that, even after digital enhancement had been applied to them, failed to yield a positive ID. It could have been the blonde security guard. It could have been me. It could have been a lot of girls.”

“Continue, please.”

That’s when. In investigative terms. Mondo jumps the shark.

“When they cleared the restroom for the principal’s ingress, they didn’t somehow miss Simon’s presence. Because. Simon was never here. Which also explains why he was never seen leaving the crime scene after the homicides.”


This time, Frau Schmidt is smiling. The caustic tone is gone from her voice. She suppresses a strong urge to clap her hands and applaud the girl.

“Simon had nothing to do with this. It only looks like his work. And. I must say. It’s a superb copycat that would stand up to the closest and most expert scrutiny.”

“Go on.”

“Her frame of me was incidental—i.e., I happen to look like a lot of blonde doll chicks. But. Your frame of me was intentional.”

“Storyboard, please. You’re on a roll, Fraulein Kane. Feels like a jelly roll.”

“You tweaked the forensics in the brief you showed me to see just how good a detective I am.” Mondo pauses for effect, then she continues. “It was the brunette who closed and locked the restroom door, not the blonde. While she was occupied securing said door. With her back turned to the action. The blonde killed the principal. The brunette reacted. Turning around. While simultaneously reaching for her sidearm. But. The blonde beat her to the punch.”

“Excellent. You get a passing grade. Do you wish to see the complete, undoctored brief, including the current simulation?”

“Later, after you fuck me.”

“Fair enough. I’ve kept you waiting long enough.”

Frau Schmidt craves to fuck rough, very rough—i.e., indistinguishable from gang rape. And, Mondo will be more than willing to comply. Increasingly, in an expression of her growing inner Goon, Mondo engages in rape-ish sex, both as the “raped” and the “rapist”.

“One more thing.”

“Yes?” Frau Schmidt asks in the spirit of good gaming. She can guess what the comely girl’s question is.

“Why me?”

“Why you? Because you look like every partner I get assigned to me. One of the perks of being the best detective, civilian or military, on Mars.”

“I’m not a detective on the Martian Civilian Police Force (MCPF).” Then. While winking at Frau Schmidt. Mondo playfully adds: “So, how can I be assigned to you as your partner?”

“You’re a Grimm Reaper. So. In effect, you are a detective on the force. We’ll make it official in the morning—i.e., you being on the force and you being assigned as my partner. Capish.”

“So … You’ve okayed this with your superiors, beforehand?”

“Yes. I have.”

“And your honorable intentions are what?”

“I will train you and mold you into my image, sexual and otherwise. And in the course of doing so, I will remake you into my ideal of what an investigator should be. When we return you to the LC, where you will resume your duties as Dame Miller’s Girl Friday, you will be better able to unravel that case they’ve assigned you.”

“That’s most gracious of you, Frau Schmidt. I would love to be your partner.”

“Thank you, Fraulein Kane, for consenting to being my partner.”

Per ROE. Frau Schmidt wanted Mondo’s assistance on this murder investigation. So. She acquired it in this expected, roundabout manner. Intervention by inhumans cannot be directly asked for in strictly human affairs. Because. If it were asked for in that fashion, it wouldn’t be given. So. It must be asked for in this elaborate, obtuse fashion.

“Then. In the spirit of this new partnership of ours. I’d rather that you did the honors, Frau Schmidt.”

“You want someone dead. But. When someone is murdered, the police look to those closest to the victim as their first suspects. So. You distance yourself as much as you can from the murder. You hire a general contractor. That person in turn hires a contract killer to do the dirty deed. Everything is done anonymously. No one knows the actual identity of the other person. They just know how to indirectly contact each other. But. This is a very special situation. We know the killer’s identity. She’s dropped completely off the grid, but we’ll find her. And. For this to have worked, the killer would have had to have known more than just the proverbial mailbox of their handler. And. That handler will in turn lead us back to the client, because that client would have surely insisted upon guarantees, which would have negated the usual anonymity.”

“So. You flush out the rogue agent and their handler, and they become loose ends that need to be cleaned up by the client. Bait for a trap.”


“Enjoy me telling you what you already knew?”

“I enjoy you confirming to me, just how good a detective you really are.”

“So. I’m to assume that her dad is your primary suspect?”

“Yes. And as such. We must tread very lightly.”

“While developing an airtight case against him.”


“Enough talk. Let’s retire to your apartment. Where you … get to raping me.”

“Scrumptious. Now, I finally get see how good a lay you are.”

“And. Conversely. I finally get to see how good a bricklayer you are.”