Month: November 2015

The Last of Us [Rubber Tyrants]

Rubber Tyrants, Volume Five—an original anthology culled from various magazines, publishers, and decades; optimized for eBook viewing.

The current, derived offering was suggested by a customer and mostly shows models in rubber, which includes vinyl, urethane, patent, leatherette, shiny leather, pleather, and other synthetic shiny materials.… Read Full Article

The Last of Us [Skinwalkers]

Skinwalker—A non-human being who assumes a human visage by wearing a skin suit made from a human being. The act of doing this, and the arcane associated with it, is known as flesh-casting. Unable to assume human form, Golum employ flesh-casting to move about humans incognito.… Read Full Article

The Protectors – Revisited

Anything Robert Vaughn can do…

..I can do too

The Protectors – The Complete Series DVD is out now.…

• Over 1500 stills (disc 7) including PR and behind-the-scenes shots
• PDF promotional material including original brochure and press information

Each of the world’s major cities has its best detective agency, and each of these has its best agents; super-agents like The Protectors.… Read Full Article