Day: September 10, 2015

8秘密的地方,在中国游客还没有发现然而,[#1苏州:市运河] / 8 Secret Places in China That Tourists Haven’t Discovered Yet [#1 Suzhou: City of Canals]

slide_441316_5826632_freeSuzhou: City of Canals

Is Suzhou the Venice of China, or is Venice the Suzhou of Italy? Enchanting canals, arched foot bridges, and the mesmerizing effects of threading waterways through cityscapes make both canal cities unforgettable. Water isn’t the only draw though; the historic city is also known for its more than 50 classical gardens, including nine recognized by UNESCO.… Read Full Article

如何中国人和美国人误读彼此之上 – 为什么重要 / How Chinese and Americans Are Misreading Each Other — And Why It Matters

Fu Ying
Fu Ying, Chairperson of Foreign Affairs Committee, National People’s Congress

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CHINA-ART-EXHIBITIONThis photo taken on August 23, 2015 shows a visitor posing with a perspective painting of US President Barack Obama at the 4D Magic Fantasy exhibition during a beer festival in  Qingdao, eastern China’s Shandong province. Read Full Article