Month: June 2015

脱节:西方公司被迫出一遍中国身影 / OUT OF TOUCH: Western companies are being forced to figure China out all over again

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A customer holds a child while shopping at a supermarket in ShenyangA customer holds a child while shopping at a supermarket in Shenyang, Liaoning province, June 9, 2013. China’s annual consumer inflation slowed in May while growth in bank lending fell below expectations, data showed on Sunday, piling up more evidence that the world’s second-largest economy could slow further in the current quarter.Read Full Article

中国黑帮“断牙”是早在澳门,没有人了解它是如何发生 / Chinese gangster ‘Broken Tooth’ is back in Macau, and no one understands how it happened

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Chinese_gangster_Broken_Tooth_is-d3d3493d67c82e5aae07a87d9720e83b(Reuters) Broken Tooth, arrested in 1998

Wan Kuok-koi, aka “Broken Tooth,” is one of the fiercest gangsters in modern Chinese history. In 2012, he was released from prison after serving 14 years for illegal gambling, loan sharking, and his role in Macau’s 1990s turf wars.… Read Full Article

该中国仇敌说:“中国是不是更强大的经济不如美国,这是远远不能肯定是否以及何时将。” / The China haters say: “China Is Not More Economically Powerful Than the U.S., and It Is Far From Certain If and When It Will Be.”

By | Distinguished Service Professor, Harvard University; Author, ‘Is the American Century Over?’ | The World Post Original Source

CHINA-US-DIPLOMACYUS President Barack Obama (L) and China’s President Xi Jinping reach out to shake hands following a bilateral meeting  at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on November 12, 2014.Read Full Article

一个中国原创的互联网巨头花费十亿$9下车纽交所和头回中国 / One of China’s original internet giants is spending $9 billion to get off the NYSE—and head back to China

Written by Josh Horwitz / Obsession China’s Transition |

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picThe founder and CEO Qihoo 360, a Beijing-based internet company best known for its anti-virus software, is leading a $9 billion buyout offer that will take the publicly listed firm private.… Read Full Article