Month: October 2014

[Pro-Wrestling] Quotes for the Day, Thursday October 30, 2014

“Game over, man! Game over!”

“Can’t you just put some cool or inspirational quote here?”

(Ha, I quoted myself.)

SelasDow’s Superior: Sandow’s Superiors number one pun double!

He’s the Magnetic Savior of the masses,
Much better than people hearing voices,
But I’m the Puzzle Champion dude,
I would win the intellectual feud.

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Top 5 Evil Wardens

Most of the sex behind bars, whether realized or simply attempted, comes courtesy of that stock character, the Evil Warden. When she’s working in tandem with her No. 2, the Sadistic Matron, then look out ladies: It’s gonna be a tumultuous time in the big house.… Read Full Article

Sophia Crawford working out

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s stunt double/Pink Ranger/Hong Kong action actress Sophia Crawford training December 2012 at the gym.

The two main antagonists from Isaac Florentine’s DTV flick shares a bit of an intimate moment when not plotting to take over the world together.

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