Month: January 2014

Emerging crisis? China’s North Korea dilemma

CNBCBy Heesun Wee | CNBC

Yao Dawei | Xinhua | AP

Yao Dawei | Xinhua | AP

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s purge of senior leadership seems to be continuing, amid reports he ordered the deaths of relatives of his executed uncle. But in the midst of political tension, experts say the regime is moving forward on economic policies that increasingly are tied to neighboring China.… Read Full Article

I, The Jury – “My Best Fiend” [Part 49]

Mondo’s hair changes as they walk. Her strait hair lengthens in the front, losing a Vampire’s trademark China-Doll bangs. It’s as if her hair is a stern version of krazed. Yet, unlike a krazed, its [implicit] center part, a cosmetically smooth [front] hairline, and the faintest suggestion of a widow’s-peak prevent her straight hair from obscuring her hard, pretty face.… Read Full Article

‘I’m off to Auschwitz. Kisses, Yours, Heini.’ – The faces of pure Evil

Himmler letters reveal private man and murderer, often in same moment

The SideshowBy | The Sideshow

Heinrich Himmler (R) with wife Margarete (M) and daughter Gudrun (L). (Wikicommons)

Heinrich Himmler (R) with wife Margarete (M) and daughter Gudrun (L). (Wikicommons)

Where does the man end and the monster begin?

Heinrich Himmler was one of the most notorious leaders of Hitler’s Nazi Party, responsible for the deaths of millions of men, women and children.… Read Full Article