Month: December 2012

I think we can find other areas to cut before cutting American programs, for example …

Tax breaks for the National Football League and other professional sports
$325,000 grant to produce a robot squirrel designed to lure rattlesnakes.
$500,000 government video game about high school proms that is used to teach social skills
$1.5 million grant to the University of Utah to study building a better computer gaming joystick
$120 million in retirement and disability benefits to federal employees who have died
$30 million to help Pakistani Mango farmers
$550,000 for a documentary about how rock music contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union
$10 million for a remake of “Sesame Street” for Pakistan
$764,825 to examine how college students use mobile devices for social networking.… Read Full Article

Goodbye, America — I love you

So good of you to bring us such happy times over the years.

So sad you allowed yourself to become lax and careless with your financial and spiritual health.

Now there you lay nearly paralyzed with debt and a Godless attitude.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 104]

Although manifestly quite different, Chess and Go are unquestionably the two finest strategic board games in all of Creation. Some prefer one, some the other, and there are a small fortunate number who enjoy and excel at both.

Classically defined … Chess is an attrition based strategy game.… Read Full Article

VIDEOS: The Debut Of B.L.O.W. + ROH On Sinclair



— The sister promotion for Northeast independent promotion Pro Wrestling Syndicate known as Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling has uploaded to YouTube their 1st show in its entirety that took place back in October.

You can watch the show below:!… Read Full Article

Business is NOT a Game of Chess

by Justin Downey

Although hundreds of business books have been written about chess as a metaphor for running a successful business, this is just not true. Instead, the Chinese game of Go is a closer approximation of how to run a successful, sustainable and profitable business in today’s market conditions.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 103]

“Sorry about that. Now … Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?”

“Hard to get good help, these days.”

Forthright. How positively refreshing. I wonder when the other shoe will drop.

“You’re to the point. I like that in a woman.”

“I’ve heard that Fel Mason is representing your Gladys Doyle.… Read Full Article