JUNE “THE BOSOM” WILKINSON – small photo signed by most photographed model in USA

JUNE "THE BOSOM" WILKINSON - small photo signed by most photographed model in USA

A small (approximately 3.50 x 5 inch photo) signed and inscribed by June Wilkinson, once the most photographed nude model in America. Most autographs were acquired in the 1970’s or ’80’s.  The authenticity of all autographs is unconditionally guaranteed.  All autographed items being offered were signed personally by the celebrity named.  They are not secretarial, printed or stamped signatures.  Shipping costs are combined for items sent at the same time to the same address.

About H. P. Lovelace

Pen name: Howard Phillips Lovelace (H. P. are my real initials, you guess my real name); DOB: March 27, 1990; Sex: Yes - Thank You!!!; Gender: Female; Preference: bi - interested in men and women; Fetish: S&M, B&D, H&D, "regular" sex (not a fetish unless you're bent, but included for completeness); Straight: cunnilingus, felitio, anal, vaginal (any position); Current City: Saint Louis, Missouri USA; Hometown: Eastbourne, East Sussex (left there when I was three, so don't expect the Queen's English); Blog: theendlessnight.com; Tidbit: I love cats (I tolerate dogs); Author of hardcore Vampire Noir in the tradition of Nancy Collins’ "Sonja Blue" novels: adult content, explicit sex and violence. If you’re looking for something in the vein of Anne Rice or Bram Stoker; the reading material is also gothic, erotic, and religious-themed. And, yes, there are overtones of H. P. Lovecraft and his Old Ones. Humor too. Thanks for looking.
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