Month: June 2011

Glenda – “A Hero Falls” [Part 22]

Because of their kind’s fucking pheromones, a human having “unprotected” sex with one of them will always be the absolute most, in spite of the Food’s sexual orientation.

Yep. Not only is the human guaranteed to cop a nut, it’ll be the very best orgasm that said human can have!… Read Full Article

Glenda – “A Hero Falls” [Part 20]

“Food … Welcome to slavery,” The Goon gloats. “I promise it will be short-lived and so very, very, very painful.”

Noreen strips him naked from the waist down. Violently yanking off his trousers and boots. Leering at his crotch, she covets his packages.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “A Hero Falls” [Part 19]

Yep. If you’re lucky: the Goon will kill you, rape you, eat you, and make clothes out of you, in that order. A Goon’s definition of romantic lovemaking is rape. Then again, their definition of a casual one-night stand is indistinguishable from rape too.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “A Hero Falls” [Part 18]

Think … Sonny “The King” Liston, Tom Hardy, Jack Dempsey, “The Badass” Chyna Syndrome herself, and, of course, last but clearly not least, Lucky “Patrick” Roberts. In our world, these men [and woman] practice [as in, fight] the closet human equivalent to how Goons intuitively fight.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “A Hero Falls” [Part 17]

Get a Goon on their back and you’ll find out how they are not just a standup fighter. A Goon can beat you just as badly off their back as they can when they’re standing up. It’s something that many a human cagefighter has discovered much to their regret.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “A Hero Falls” [Part 16]

A blur of movement. The glint of cold, tempered steel. A blade slices through Noreen’s clothes and hacks off her breasts. Another blade, almost simultaneously cuts through the air. It’s aimed at her neck. She deflects it with ease with one of her massive forearms against the flat of the blade.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “A Hero Falls” [Part 15]

Hush. Hush. In a closely guarded location … Across town, in an ornate drawing room, people [human beings, not Supernaturals] watch the proceedings remotely. Wealthy people. Powerful people. Some high born. Some low born. Not the elected officials, but [some would say] the “real” government.… Read Full Article