Month: May 2011

Turned Out Nazi Again!

Eva and Adolf, Happier Days - Before The Fall

Was loveable buck-toothed northern banjo-strummer George Formby a Nazi-sympathiser? If top documentary maker Haldane Burke’s new television investigation is to be believed, then the answer is – yes! In a soon to be screened Channel Five programme Burke claims that during the dark days of World War Two Formby and a host of other then-popular British entertainers were in fact secretly working for the Fuhrer.… Read Full Article

The Dating Game – [excerpts]

How'd your date go?

Ken:  “How’d your date go? ”

Ray:  “My date involved two instances of extreme violence, one instance of her hand on my cock and my finger up her thing which lasted all too briefly – and then I was away – , one instance of me stealing five grams of very high-quality cocaine and one instance of me blinding a poofy little skinhead: so all in all… my evening pretty much balanced out, fine.”

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Glenda – “A Hero Falls” [Part 4]

“Are you sure that you’re not her twin?” The dandy asks. Tit for tat.

“I’m sure.”

She brushes back her long yellow tresses, momentarily baring the leftside of her neck. A knobb disfigures that side. Black imperfection in a sea of lily-white perfection.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “A Hero Falls” [Part 2]

Days lapse into weeks … Weeks into months …

With the monster officially vanquished, and thus the menace finally over, things return to normal in Haven. It’s as if the Vampire never stalked its streets.

“But … who was the Vampire?”

The old man points at his empty mug.… Read Full Article