Month: December 2010

The Book of Kane, “Wanna lick my candy … Kane?”

The Lost Kiss

Make Me Yours, Forever

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was two weeks ago. You gave me my penance after my last screw.”

“And what are the sins you must atone for from this shooting review?”

“I killed a priest and a nun, who molested faerie children.”

“Did you kill them as a private citizen, revenging for their molesting of inhuman children?”

“No, Father.… Read Full Article

June Wilkinson and The Dead Zone – March 26, 1965

The Bosom

My "other" bleach-blonde obsession, circa 1965

June Wilkinson – March 26, 1965: Darque English actress June Wilkinson, who was seeking 250,000 damages for the unauthorized publication of her pictures, is shown holding check for 75,000 after the case was settled. This photo originates from the archives of The Denver Post.… Read Full Article