Becky is Better, The Complete Season One Episodes



Click on either image of fighter Gina Carano, to read the Season One episodes of Becky is Better from The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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I, The Jury [Book 04]

June Wilkinson is Mondo Kane in "I, The Jury"

June Wilkinson is Mondo Kane in “I, The Jury”

Click on the image of June Wilkinson, to read Book 04 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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Code Dead [Book 03]

Sunglasses After Dark, The Dark Side of the Rainbow - Issue #4

Sunglasses After Dark, The Dark Side of the Rainbow – Issue #4

Click on the image of Sunglasses After Dark, to read Book 03 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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Glenda [Book 02]


Click on the image of Jenny McCarthy, to read Book 02 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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Fight Like A Girl, The Complete Episodes [Book 00]




Click on any of the images of boxer Natalya Ragozina, to read Book 00 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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The Last of Us [Murder at The Dakota]

72094a70-d7ed-11e4-9748-3fd77e204473_8409531487_c93dacf41f_kConsidered Manhattan’s most exclusive building, the Dakota is a co-op built in 1884 on the corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West on the Upper West Side. John Lennon was murdered outside in 1980, and his widow, Yoko Ono, still lives in their apartment. The building was also the setting for Roman Polanski’s classic 1968 creeper, “Rosemary’s Baby.”

The perfect setting for an old-fashioned, “dead body in a locked room” whodunit.

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The Endless Night, The First 16 Pages – [an excerpt from IUP, Book 01]

Poisen Elves

Be careful what you wish for … sometimes you get it

Click on the image of Jenny Miller, Mondo’s BFF, to read the pages … Enjoy … 🙂


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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — 6 Ways to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Tuesday Tip


6 Ways to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Everywhere I go and speak people talk to me about their schedules. They tell me they’ve never been busier. They’re overwhelmed and out of balance.

Does that sound anything like you?

If so, a part of your problem may be caused by your inability to say, “No.” When people ask you to do something, even things you don’t want to do or have time to do, you may find yourself saying “Yes” all too often.

Again, if that sounds all too familiar, it’s time for you to change. Without the ability to say “No,” you end up living someone else’s life instead of your own. You’re governed by other people’s priorities and that’s not a very healthy, happy, or satisfying way to live.

I know. I spent too much of my life trying to please everyone but myself. I worked so hard at it that it eventually devastated my body and peace of mind … not to mention my own self-respect.

But I became a lot smarter and a lot more effective years ago when I was chatting with Lou Holtz, the famous Notre Dame football coach, after we finished speaking to the same audience. Lou told me, “Alan, if you desperately need people to love you, you will never have their respect.”

Whoa! That hit home. I learned right then and there that I was trying to please everyone … to get everybody to like me … and love me … by almost always saying “Yes,” which often led to impossibly difficult situations. I learned the importance and skill of saying “No.”

If you need to get better at that, here are six strategies to say “no” more effectively and put a stop to inappropriate people pleasing and start living a saner, more respectful life.

1. Forget the Fear.

You may have a hard time saying “No” because you hold onto a self-defeating belief. Something like, “If I refuse, I’m rejecting my friend.”

Not at all. Refusing someone’s request doesn’t mean that you reject her. It doesn’t mean that you’re selfish or uncaring. It simply means you cannot or will not do what she is asking you to do. It means you’re putting some limits on your time.

If you’re afraid that your refusal will be interpreted as rejection, explain your refusal. Tell the other person that it is a statement about your boundaries. It is not a statement about the importance of your relationship.

Still other people have the self-defeating belief that, “If I really care about the other person, I should agree to the request.” It’s true that caring friends do things for each other — but not necessarily everything.

Special note: If others get mad at you because you say “no” occasionally, they are not people you should be surrounding yourself with anyway.

2. Explain Your Boundaries.

Some people are afraid to say no because they think, “If I refuse, the other person will never ask me again. And I want the other person to ask in the future.”

For example, you may want your boss to ask you about taking on a more responsible position in the company, but at this particular time, you just can’t do what he is asking. So tell him you would like him to ask again. Give a short explanation as to why you’re refusing this time and make it clear when you would say “Yes.”

3. Get Real.

Don’t automatically assume that it would easier … and more comfortable … to go along with the other person than to say “no.”

I want you to STOP. Stop right now and think about all the times you’ve said “yes,” when you really wanted to say “no.” How did you really feel inside? You may need to get a more realistic perspective.

Ask yourself this question. How long will you feel uncomfortable if you say “no?” Five minutes? Ten minutes? An hour? A day?

Compare that to how much time and energy you’ll spend granting the other person’s request. And consider how long you’ll resent the fact you said “Yes.” Sometimes you exchange a five-minute period of discomfort for a two-week commitment and a year of resentment. It’s not a good trade for you or anyone else.

4. Slow Down Your Response.

Take your time. If someone asks for a favor, take time to think about it and check your schedule. Don’t let your mouth say “yes” before your brain has time to give the request thoughtful consideration.

It’s one of the techniques I taught the Boeing people when I was delivering my program for them on The Power of Partnership: 7 Keys to Better Relationships and Greater Teamwork. And they were inspired and empowered by what they learned.

After the program, Mary Cisiewski, the HR Director, said, “Dr. Zimmerman offered life-changing techniques. I feel a new zest for life!” And Mary Alice Gallagher, a Product Support Engineer, wrote, “I am a site focal for Employee Involvement. Taking what I learned from you, I was able to educate our facilitators about your very common sense ideas and how they can use them to work with groups.”

5. Be Direct.

Don’t make excuses.

For example, when Ellen asked if she could borrow Jorge’s notes for an upcoming professional examination, Jorge couldn’t say no, even though the sharing of notes raised an ethical concern. Jorge tried to give an indirect “no,” without success.

Jorge: “Well, my handwriting is not very good. I don’t think you’d be able to read my notes.”

Ellen: “My handwriting is not very good either. I don’t mind.”

Jorge: “And my notes are so disorganized. I doubt they’ll be of any help.”

Ellen: “Well, any notes would be better than the ones I have.”

Jorge: “But I don’t have them with me. They’re back at the office.”

Ellen: “That’s no problem. I’ll just follow along as you drive back to the office.”

Jorge: “Well, okay.”

When you don’t say “No,” a number of negative things happen. You’ll probably run out of excuses and end up saying “Yes.” And then, when you do say “Yes,” you’ll resent yourself for giving in and you’ll resent the other person for “talking you into it.” And the other person won’t even appreciate your “Yes” because she had to work too hard to get it. It’s a no-win situation.

You’ve got to be direct. If you’re going to say “No,” skip the excuses.

6. Don’t Over-Apologize.

If you can’t make a commitment or have to say “no,” a simple “I am sorry” is fine.

When it comes to a stranger’s request, that’s all you really need to say. Just say “No” and only “No.”

When it comes to people at work or with whom you have a relationship, you may want to add a short explanation that will help them accept your “No.” And yes, short. The longer your explanation, the easier it will be for the other person to manipulate you into doing what you don’t want to do.

You could give an “I-don’t-want” statement. With regard to our example above, Jorge could have said, “No, I don’t want to loan the notes out.” Or he could have used a “feeling”statement. Jorge might have said, “No, I just wouldn’t feel comfortable parting with them.”

Basically it boils down to this. You’re either living your life or someone else’s. The only way you’ll live your life is to say “No” when you really need to say “No.”

Final Thought: Never exchange five minutes of discomfort for two weeks of work and a year of resentment.

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Quote for the Day, Saturday December 3, 2016

As an old say goes: “The Devil is knowledgeable not because he is evil, but because he is old.”–Top Rank Promotions CEO Bob Arum

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POLICE STORY — “Losing Game” with Stella Stevens, Burr DeBenning, Alex Cord, Cesare Dan

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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — The Success Formula That Will Not Fail

Tuesday Tip

success role model

The Success Formula That Will Not Fail

We desperately need heroes … role models … and leaders who inspire us to be more and do more.  And we need people in our lives that help us believe in ourselves and our dreams.

One of mine is Mrs. Cronkhite, my second-grade teacher.  In addition to teaching me reading, writing, and arithmetic, she taught me to be an entrepreneur and businessman.  And with her guidance, I learned to make potholders and sell them door-to-door, selling more potholders than any other kid in the entire school.

More importantly, she taught me a formula for success … that P + P = P³.  A formula that I used to launch a small international import business by age 10, importing everything from watches from France, shoes from Eastern Europe and cuckoo clocks from Switzerland.

You can use that same formula to succeed at everything you want in your life, work, and relationships.

Another one of my heroes used the same formula to not only achieve personal success but also worldwide good.  However, if you read the following lines from this thirty-year old woman’s diary, you would never guess her name.  She wrote: “My God, what will become of me? I have no desire but to die. There’s not a night that I do not lie down on my bed wishing that I may leave it no more. Unconsciousness is all that I desire.”

What a bleak, depressed position to be in!  But when she died 60 years later, it was said that she was one of three people who did the most to alleviate suffering in the 19th century. Her name was Florence Nightingale, the founder of the modern nursing profession.

Somehow or other, Florence picked up and applied this success formula … P + P = P³ … to change everything around.  Florence learned that Preparation plus Perseverance equals Progress. She learned that even though she had to go through seasons of pain, it was still possible to make significant gains in life.

And the really good news, this same formula will work for you.  Here’s how.

1. Progress Toward Success Starts with Preparation.

The news is filled with stories of “overnight successes.”  But most of those stories leave out the hours, days, weeks, months, and sometimes years of work that preceded their success.

The truth is … there are few, if any, “overnight successes” in this world. Progress is almost always preceded by a lots and lots of preparation.  Or as Malcolm Gladwell notes in his book, Outliers, the most successful people in any endeavor have typically put in 10,000 hours of practice and preparation.

I certainly know that’s true of myself and my work.  Even though I’ve delivered more than 2500 keynotes and seminars, have spoken in 49 states and 22 countries … and even though 92% of my business comes from enthusiastic repeat and referred customers … and even though I’m ranked among the top 7% of all speakers with my CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), and am among the top 1% in the Speaker Hall of Fame … I also know that my programs are better and my audience ratings are higher than ever before.   I know there’s power in that 10,000 hour rule.

Long ago professional basketball star Bob Petit intuitively knew that Preparation plus Perseverance equals Progress. He knew that preparation boils down to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Even though he became one of the highest scoring players in the sport, it wasn’t that way in the beginning.

As a freshman in high school, Bob was weak, frail, and uncoordinated. All he really had going for himself was the determination to practice until he became a quality athlete.

Bob began with a wire coat hanger that he bent into the shape of a basketball hoop. Hour after hour, day after day he threw tennis balls through his makeshift basket. Eventually his father got him a real basketball and hoop.

Bob would throw baskets after school every day, go to dinner, and then go back to practice. It wasn’t too long before he became the star of his church team, then his high school team, college team, and finally a professional team.

It’s the same for you and me. There are few shortcuts on the road to success. We all have to prepare or practice first.

Great pianists also know this. They invest hundreds of hours of practice before a concert. They know that the quality of their performance will be determined by the quality of their many grueling hours of practice.

And Mister Miyagi knew this in The Karate Kid movie. Even though his young protégé wanted desperately to learn the art of fighting, the master handed him a paint brush instead. He told the boy to paint the fence a certain way. Of course the boy was discouraged and disillusioned. He couldn’t see any relationship between fence painting and ring fighting.

He was even more disappointed when the master instructed him to wash, wax, and polish the car. As he worked his hands in a circular motion over the car, he was demoralized. He couldn’t help but wonder, “How will this help me in my future? How will this help me to be a fighter?”

But the old master was helping the boy learn the motions he would need as a fighter. He was helping the boy to realize that champions do not become champions in the ring. They are merely recognized in the ring.

What about you? Are you giving yourself enough preparation? Are you practicing enough?

If your answer is “yes,” congratulations!  Add some perseverance to the mix and your success is almost a foregone conclusion … because …

2. Progress Is Ensured with Perseverance.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a great American poet, wrote, “Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and hard enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody.”  

He’s right. You’ll wake up your potential and you’ll be headed for success.

Wadsworth seemed to know that, more often than not, failure is the path of least persistence.  If you’re not succeeding as often as you’d like, you may not be hanging in there long enough. You may be quitting too quickly.

If you need to be more persevering, spend more time focusing on what you want to achieve. Think about it. Dream about it. See it. Feel it. Taste it. Smell it. The stronger your focus, the more perseverance you’ll have.

Buddha knew that. When a young man came to seek his advice, to discover the path of deliverance, Buddha led him down to the river. The young man assumed he was to undergo some ritual of purification. So they walked out into the river and suddenly Buddha grabbed the man and held his head under the water.

The man struggled and fought. After a great deal of effort, the young man wrenched himself loose and brought his head above the water.

Quietly Buddha asked him, “When you thought you were drowning, what did you most desire?” The young man gasped, “Air.”

Buddha said, “When you want salvation as much as you want air, then you will get it.”

Likewise, when you really, really, really want something, you will have the perseverance you need to achieve the success you desire.

So perseverance starts with great desire, but it shows up as a calm stick-to-ativity. Senator Robert Taft, one of the great politicians of the 20th century demonstrated that. Early in his political career he went into hostile territory to make a speech. Someone threw an over-ripe tomato at him. It hit the Senator in the chest and burst all over his face, glasses and hair.

What did he do? React with anger? Lash out? Quit? No. He didn’t wipe his face, glasses, or hair. He just went on giving his speech and never even referred to the tomato. When he finished, he stepped down from the platform and said, “Good bye boys,” in a friendly manner. As Senator Taft walked down the aisle toward the door, the once hostile crowd gave him a standing ovation.

That’s what I call “class” on the Senator’s part. And that’s how persevering people get through adversity. They just keep on keeping on. They don’t get distracted.

Donald Bennett showed the same calm stick-to-ativity. As a successful Seattle businessman, he always wanted to climb Mt. Rainier. The mountain was so enticing, so beautiful, but very few ever climb it because the weather makes it impossible most of the time.

Donald trained and trained until he was given permission to climb the 14,410’ mountain. The time eventually came, and he climbed 14,000 feet. But the weather forced him to turn back, which meant he had to wait another year.

Many people would be too disappointed to try again and they would quit. After all, they gave it a try, but it just didn’t work out.

Not Donald. A year later, Donald Bennett stood on the top of Mt. Rainier–on his one leg. He was the first amputee to make it to the summit. When a reporter asked him how he did it, Donald said, “One hop at a time.”

If you desire to be a champion, if you want phenomenal success, it will be hard. What else could you possibly expect? If it wasn’t hard, everyone would be doing it.

Starting today, get honest with yourself. Stop making excuses and tell yourself over and over again, thousands of times if necessary, that, “I will keep on keeping on until I succeed.” This affirmation will work for you.

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Vintage nude June Wilkinson — Huge breasts on display!

vintage-nude-june-wilkinson-big-breasts-8-x-10-beautiful-quality-guaranteed vintage-nude-june-wilkinson-big-breasts-8-x-10-beautiful-quality-guaranteed2

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《巴黎假期》PARIS H0LIDAY -HK預告片

《巴黎假期》 故事介紹

懷抱著破碎的心,林俊傑(古天樂 飾)離開香港前往法國巴黎展開新生活,透過房屋仲介劉聰(方中信 飾)找到了理想公寓,可是公寓卻附帶了一位失戀藝術家丁曉敏(郭采潔 飾),兩個毫不相干的人就住在同一屋簷下,開展了一段微妙的「同居」生活。兩人在磨擦­­­、失落、體諒中互相窺探了對方最脆弱的內心,他們可否放下過去包袱,重燃對生命的­熱­情­?兩人「釀造」的友誼又能否引領二人開花結果?

7月23日 玩轉巴黎

“Paris Holiday” story

With the broken heart, JJ Lin (Louis Koo Leung) left Hong Kong to Paris to start a new life, through housing intermediary Liu Cong (Fang Zhongxin ornaments) to find the ideal apartment, but the apartment is accompanied by a lovelorn artist Ding Xiaomin The unrelated people live under the same roof and carry out a subtle “cohabitation” life. The two in the friction, loss, understanding each other peering each other’s most vulnerable heart, they can put down the burden of the past, renewed enthusiasm for life? The two “brewing” friendship and whether the two lead the flowering results?

July 23 Fun Paris

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Quote for the Day, Saturday November 26, 2016

“My top three fighters in history were Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson and Harry Greb – no one comes close to achieving what those three boxers achieved. Everyone should be familiar with the tremendous accomplishments of Ray Robinson and Armstrong, but few know the story of Greb. There’s no footage available of Greb’s boxing career, but what made him stand out from other boxers like Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Jack Dempsey, Marvin Hagler etc., is that Greb was a natural welterweight who fought and beat middleweights, light heavyweights and heavyweights – in fact he gave legendary heavyweight Gene Tunney his first loss and only loss – Tunney was a beast and one of the best heavyweights in history. Now imagine Pacquiao or Floyd fighting Wladimir Klitschko and beating him –get the point?” — Jaime Ortega


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Why vinyl records?


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Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!


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The Last of Us [#500512 – Lust Submission BB-149 Bill Ward Doctor Varga Strikes Again]

In astrophysicsspaghettification (sometimes referred to as the noodle effect) is the vertical stretching and horizontal compression of objects into long thin shapes (rather like spaghetti) in a very strong non-homogeneous gravitational field; it is caused by extreme tidal forces. In the most extreme cases, near black holes, the stretching is so powerful that no object can withstand it, no matter how strong its components. Within a small region the horizontal compression balances the vertical stretching so that small objects being spaghettified experience no net change in volume.


In Irish folklore, a fetch is a supernatural double or an apparition of a living person in Irish folklore. It is largely akin to the Germanic doppelgänger and to some conceptions of the British wraith [not to be confused with the supernatural Wraith], and sightings are regarded as omens, usually for impending death. The origin of the term is unclear.

Francis Grose associated the term with Northern England in his 1787 Provincial Glossary, but otherwise it seems to have been in popular use only in Ireland. A sighting of a fetch is generally taken as a portent of its exemplar’s looming death, though John and Michael Banim report that if the double appears in the morning rather than the evening, it is instead a sign of a long life in store.

The etymology is obscure. It may derive from the verb “fetch”; the compound “fetch-life”, evidently referring to a psychopomp who “fetches” the souls of the dying, is attested in Richard Stanyhurst’s 1583 translation of the Aeneid. Alternately, the word may derive from fæcce, found in two Old English glossaries. In both texts, fæcce is glossed for mære, a spirit associated with death and nightmares. The word may be Old English in origin, though it would have been atypical for the author to gloss one English word with another. He seems to have regarded it as a Latin word, though it is unattested in Latin. Instead, it may be Irish, which could be the origin of the Hiberno-English fetch.

The term “fetch” is sometimes glossed for the Scandinavian fylgja, an animal alter ego in Norse mythology connected to a person’s fate, though unlike the Irish concept, the fylgja is almost always female.

In modern biomechanical parlance, a fetch is the Rutgers pseudomorph device favored by Druid priests and nuns while on Away Team missions especially those involving “religious” infiltrations. Powered by neutered worms extracted from The Strain, the device allows a human being to alter their appearance to the extent that they can convincingly mimic another human being [any human being] at will based upon a DNA sample taken from that human “original”. The copy is identical [to the original] in visage [outward appearance] and [general] function, and during the copying process the copy can “absorb” the memories of the person being copied. Needless to say, the more memories captured from the original the more convincing the deception portrayed by the doppelgänger. Selective memory capture causes temporary, partial memory loss in the taken that is akin to blackouts following heavy drinking—i.e., a nondestructive duplication of memory. In contrast, complete memory capture is akin to the wipe [of the original] resulting from an “ice pick” lobotomy, as such, it is usually permanent and often fatal.

So complete and total is the Xerox that this copy and its original don’t have to even be the same gender. Males can mimic females, and females can mimic males, but there are telltale flaws, of course. For example. A female who has copied a male will not have a Y-chromosome. A male who has copied a female, will not have ovaries or a womb, and will retain his Y-chromosome.

The black satin pillow case is removed from Mondo’s head. The filthy pillow case reeks of urine, feces, cum, and jism. Some people pay good money to be treated like this. Beaten and battered. Contusions and lacerations. Some of her bones have been broken [a deuce mixture of complex, simple, and compound fractures]. Some of her ribs are cracked. Skull fracture. Two black eyes and a busted lip. Forehead cut to shreds. A busted knee cap. Cigarette burns on her face, torso, arms, buttocks, and legs. Her back and legs [especially the calves] showing fresh evidence of being frayed by a barber’s strap. Etc.

Where is she? She’s where she needs to be, although she has no idea where that is. Nor does she care. In point of fact, she’s in one of the nondescript interrogation rooms at the Atticus Institute. A “for profit” insane asylum run by the Druids.

Filthy and fine as ever. She’s bound to a chair minus her suit, eyeglasses, shoes, holster, phone, and purse. Just bra, panties, and her perls. Infested with head lice, fleas, and crabs. As if she’s been forced to wallow in filth, and she has [been forced to do so], patches of her white skin are so dirty they are black. Dirty, filth-smeared lily-white flesh. Some of her finger and toe nails have been pulled out. A couple of her toes and fingers are missing, cut off with pruning shears.

A selective damping field, coupled with injections of massive doses of a certain Alchemist concoction, retards her healing factor—making her almost mortal in that area—and greatly lowers her pain threshold. But, this regimen does not have any effect on her ability to resurrect.

Her captor, who looks like tennis star Caroline Wozniacki [young, beautiful, blonde, Danish, buxom, leggy, etc], is dressed in the religious habit [abbreviated “modern” version] of a Catholic nun. Holstered in the nun’s trick gun belt is a [highly tweaked] high-compression phase pistol. Clipped to the gun belt are a communicator and a hand-held scanner. Like the phase pistol, they are highly tweaked versions of what Star Fleet used to carry on Away missions, back in the day. But, be forewarned, there is nothing obsolete about this vintage gear.

“Again. The usual disclaimer. This entire encounter is being recorded. Tit for tat,” the nun volunteers as part of her opening gambit for Act One, Episode Two—i.e., this the beginning of the second phase of the girl’s “interview”. The first move of her advancing her pawn [after the serial reboot] on that proverbial chessboard that she and the Vampire are playing upon.

Mondo is muzzled, but she can still speak. Now it’s her turn.

“Did I mention how much I fucking hate the politics of Angels?!”

“Tisk. Tisk. Tisk. Do you kiss your mother with that potty mouth of yours?”

The nun is speaking English with a strong Celtic accent.

“Yes I do.”

The nun belts Mondo. Slamming her right fist into the Vampire’s jaw. Hitting so hard that if the chair wasn’t bolted to the floor, it would have been knocked over. Knocking out a couple of teeth.

“You will speak only when spoken to. Capish?”

Mondo says nothing. The nun correctly interprets the girl’s non-response response as an act of capitulation so that the pain will continue to be so inventively inflicted upon her. Nothing appeals to the masochistic side of a sadeo-masochist like sheer, naked agony does.

“Good. I see you understand.”

Mondo also understands the meaning of the dead body stretched out on the floor. A stocky-built man wearing the attire of a Druid friar. The distorted position of the body can only mean one thing. He opened the manila envelope from the handoff in the alley without her implicit or explicit permission, and sprang its booby trap.

He had been leading the interview. And the nun had just stayed back, only joining in as directed by the friar and not speaking at all. Wielding aluminum baseball bats, he [looking and acting like the stereotypical, keyhole peeping, dirty old man] and she [the sadistic sexpot nun] had been beating Mondo with the meanest of intentions when Mondo died as a result of the damaged being inflicted.

While Mondo was resurrecting, and it was a fairly lengthy resurrection based upon her injuries. He must have let his curiosity get the better of him. He opened the package and got himself killed.

The nun sees the need in Mondo’s eyes. A junkie’s need for a fix. A whore’s need to be fucked. And. Mondo sees something just as telling in the eyes of the nun, now that the nun has removed her contact lenses. The nun notices the girl’s optic discovery. Tit for tat.

“Do you know what I am, now that I’ve ditched my contacts?”

“You’re an Annabelle. In Borg, my [abbreviated] designation is Seven.”

“And. In Annabelle, mine is Wallis. I am the closest Thing to Toy that you will ever encounter. That’s why you see not-quite-Toy in my eyes.”

Ergo. This “she” is an “it”, a robot.. And. Additionally. Wallis is wearing the skin of a Mimic. So, among other things, Wallis is a Skinwalker who has completely bamboozled the Druids here for some time—i.e., it’s been mimicking the visage of this nun for a coon’s age in the guise of a skinwalking Annabelle of Druid manufacture. Wallis is, in fact, a Glenda of untraceable manufacture, sent here eighty years ago by its anonymous makers to infiltrate the asylum. Therefore it has ulterior motives. Its admitted designation of Wallis is correct. The best deceptions are always based on truths.

The Glenda and Annabelle [robots] are almost indistinguishable. And. A Glenda is just as close a Thing to Toy as an Annabelle is.

Underneath its dermal façade, a façade skinned off of a Mimic, is a robot the size and figure of a well-endowed adult human female. One of those select species of thinking machine akin to Toy. The robot has male and female genitalia.

Unmoving, sitting in a chair, minus its skin, it’s easily mistaken for a life-sized vintage doll with a horrid face. A face ravaged by insanity and evil. The deranged face of the possessed doll in the movie Annabelle.

Mondo states the obvious.

“I’ve been with Toy. Toy has used me. And I’ve used Toy. I crave being with you.”

“I could smell that on you.”

Wallis removes the girl’s muzzle. Now comes the expected bribe. Wallis needs Mondo to spill her guts. Torture proved ineffectual—i.e., torture failed to seduce the masochistic side of the depraved sadeo-masochist Mondo and loose her lips. Now comes degradation, humiliation, and an invasive fix. In other words, Borg rape a junkie whore like a scalded ape getting an enema and then some.

Borg assimilation tubules spew from Wallis’ mouth and stab the leftside of Mondo’s neck. The girl’s eyes roll back into her head. Her mouth opens slackly, drooling. The synthetic robotic narcotics flooding her body are like none that she has ever experienced. The newest, most overwhelming high is what she’s experiencing.

Wallis violently gropes the girl’s chest with one hand possessed of an intensity that threatens to mangle the girl’s huge milk-white mammaries. Then, when it’s got its full of copping a feel of the girl’s breasts, it slides that hand inside of the girl’s right bra cup. Assimilation tubules spew from that hand’s fingertips and stab the girl’s brutalized tit.

Lastly, assimilation tubules spew from the fingertips of her other hand and stab the girl’s left arm. One horny robot to another. Wallis is feeding off of the girl while it’s sodomizing her. The door to the room is locked, and thus no chance of random interruption by patients wandering the hallways. And it knows that no one with a key will come in and interrupt them. This will be Wallis’ masterpiece.

After the girl’s rugged interrogation. Wallis and her coworker were supposed to have some “very rough fun” with the girl, before destroying her and disposing of the body. Phil, its partner, had some ideas of his own. He got careless and very dead—paid the price for his creative improvisation. Now it’s up to the robot to break the sick, twisted girl by successfully bribing her.

Administration wants to know what the girl knows about the Roosevelts’ murders. Specifically, is there any evidence that, if reviewed by proper Oversight or improper inSight, could/might/maybe point to a connection between the couple’s homicide and their visits here a year ago to see Patient Zero.

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More June [Wilkinson] in December

june-wilkinson-nice-rare-8x10-photo-11-19-16-5 june-wilkinson-nice-rare-8x10-photo-11-19-16-6

june-wilkinson-nice-rare-8x10-photo-11-19-16-2 june-wilkinson-nice-rare-8x10-photo-11-19-16-4

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Ben Webster, Johnny Hodges – The Complete 1960 Sextet Jazz Cellar Session

Johnny Hodges and Ben Webster became friends when they played together in Duke Ellington’s fabulous band of the early Forties. Here they show that their feeling of kinship hasn’t gone away, nearly twenty years after Webster abruptly left the band.

Anytime you put two of the Duke’s hornmen together, you’ll get magic. The first 12 tracks are from the 60’s meeting. Besides tenor and alto, we have Lou Levy on piano, Herb Ellis on guitar, Wilfred Middlebrooks on bass, and Gus Johnson on drums. Tracks 13-17 has Ray Nance on trumpet, Lawrence Brown on trombone, Emil Richards on vibes, Russ Freeman on piano, Joe Mondragon on bass, Mel Lewis on drums, and arranged by Jimmy Hamilton, in Los Angeles, January 31, 1961.

Track Listing
01 Ben’s Web
02 Side Door (Don’t Kid Yourself)
03 Blues’ll Blow Your Fuse
04 I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me
05 Dual Highway
06 Big Ears
07 Shorty Gull
08 Ifida
09 Big Smack
10 I’d Be There
11 Just Another Day
12 Lollalagin Now
13 Exactly Like You
14 I’m Beginning To See The Light
15 Val’s Lament
16 Tipsy Joe
17 Waiting On The Champagne


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How Andre Ward beats Sergey Kovalev – Gameplanning for Greatness

Connor Ruebusch analyzes the three-step plan Andre Ward will need to follow to beat Sergey Kovalev.

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All the talk will be soon be over when Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward step in the ring at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas hosted by the MGM Grand Resort and Casino and available on HBO PPV. The two men who will be in their corners sat down with Smitty to give their views on this highly anticipated Pound for Pound Super Fight. will have Post Fight Coverage. Follow Smitty’s Live Round by Round Scoring on the Boxing Fight Night App

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Quote for the Day, Saturday November 19, 2016

“How far you fall is directly proportionate to how much you give, in an unhealthy way.”

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Louis Prima, June Wilkinson, and Sam Butera in “Twist All Night”, 1961


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Kill Command Official TRAILER (2016) Sci-Fi Action Movie HD

Kill Command Trailer 1 (2016) Sci-Fi Action Movie HD [Official Trailer]
© 2016 – Vertical Entertainment

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BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE – Kong: Skull Island Trailers

This is the newest trailer for Kong: Skull Island starring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and more.

KONG SKULL ISLAND : Full Official Trailer (2017) Monster Movie HD
A Movie directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Cast : Tom Hiddleston, Toby Kebbell, Brie Larson
Release Date : 10 March 2017
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy
© 2016 – Warner Bros. Pictures

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