Continuum, Chapter 18

The Mission

Round Five

Zero Node


Cube Zero is a 2004 Canadian independent science fiction psychological horror thriller film, written and directed by Ernie Barbarash. It is the third film in the Cube film series, being a prequel to the series.… Read Full Article

Karen [The Jersey Devil]

To the world—a “Les”

To her lover—“Butch”

To herself—“Tramp”


For the foreseeable future … Chicks with dicks—i.e., either Parts or a penis and testicles, on girls. Fashion “stylings” come and they go, and they do recycle. But, for now.… Read Full Article

Scientists say Hitler died in WWII. Tell that to ‘Adolf Schüttelmayor’ and the Nazi moon base.

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler looks at paintings in August 1935. (Ullstainbild/Reuters)

Avi SelkRetropolis

After completing what they say is the first examination of Adolf Hitler’s remains since World War II, a team of researchers has announced that the Nazi leader most definitely died in Berlin and, therefore, cannot possibly still be alive on the moon.… Read Full Article

Guitar Shredder Chick 1958 – Mary Osborne + Mary Osborne I Love Paris These Foolish Things — Who says girls can’t shred? Well, maybe not by today’s standards but she definitely handles her guitar with style and speed. Nice! Guitar solo video.

Superb Jazz guitarist Mary Osborne 1958 – intro by Marian McPartland. Her comments explaining Jazz and improvisation after the song are invaluable to any true musician.… Read Full Article