Kill Command


In a world where Borg are the Vampires of Thinking Machines. 

Click on the image of the SAR commander, to read the Complete First Season [All 13 Episodes + Season 2, Episode 1] of Kill Command, Book 01 of Gee Whiz! … Enjoy … 🙂


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Becky is Better, The Complete Season One Episodes



Click on either image of fighter Gina Carano, to read the Season One episodes of Becky is Better from The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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I, The Jury [Book 04]

June Wilkinson is Mondo Kane in "I, The Jury"

June Wilkinson is Mondo Kane in “I, The Jury”

Click on the image of June Wilkinson, to read Book 04 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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Code Dead [Book 03]

Sunglasses After Dark, The Dark Side of the Rainbow - Issue #4

Sunglasses After Dark, The Dark Side of the Rainbow – Issue #4

Click on the image of Sunglasses After Dark, to read Book 03 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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Glenda [Book 02]


Click on the image of Jenny McCarthy, to read Book 02 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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Fight Like A Girl, The Complete Episodes [Book 00]




Click on any of the images of boxer Natalya Ragozina, to read Book 00 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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The Last of Us [Murder at The Dakota]

72094a70-d7ed-11e4-9748-3fd77e204473_8409531487_c93dacf41f_kConsidered Manhattan’s most exclusive building, the Dakota is a co-op built in 1884 on the corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West on the Upper West Side. John Lennon was murdered outside in 1980, and his widow, Yoko Ono, still lives in their apartment. The building was also the setting for Roman Polanski’s classic 1968 creeper, “Rosemary’s Baby.”

The perfect setting for an old-fashioned, “dead body in a locked room” whodunit.

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The Endless Night, The First 16 Pages – [an excerpt from IUP, Book 01]

Poisen Elves

Be careful what you wish for … sometimes you get it

Click on the image of Jenny Miller, Mondo’s BFF, to read the pages … Enjoy … 🙂


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The Last of Us [Starbucks]

Barista, acts with integrity, honesty and knowledge to promote the company. Delivers legendary customer service, creates superior food and beverages. Maintains calm demeanor during periods of high volume. No previous experience necessary.


“So. What exactly are your terms and conditions for remote viewing the LC?” Mondo asks, playfully.

Lunchtime. They’re sitting at their usual table by the front window of their favorite Starbucks, a popular watering hole for cops. Sipping their favorite custom brews.

“What says that we do [remote view the LC]?” Frau Schmidt responds, even more playfully.

“Your comment about the pure theater of Councilwoman Elster spitting on my corpse in the LC. It wasn’t from the perspective of someone who’d read about it from a brief. You were either physically or metaphysically there when it happened. Knowing you, I assumed you were metaphysically present.”

“As you would expect, they [the terms and conditions] are very stringent. I’m not at liberty to say more.”  Frau Schmidt smiles, broadly. Then she continues. “You guessed, correctly. I was present virtually.”

“Was that [remote viewing of me at the LC] a conference call?”


“Was military intelligence on the line?”

“Of course. They always are for such matters.”

It’s been two weeks. Fourteen days as partners on Mars. And, Frau Schmidt has learned to grow wary of the girl. Upon disassembly/reassembly in her central alcove, Mondo’s hair no longer turns geriatric, nor does her Parts fuse to her nethers, nor does she become a Seven who is amnesiatic of her Mondo. Although they still fuck hard and rough on a nightly basis, Mondo no longer gets high or drunk—i.e., complete sobriety—a total lack of interest in getting high or drunk. In response, Frau Schmidt has wisely stopped experimenting upon the Vampire. Somethings haven’t changed, though. For example. The girl still gorges herself on Frau Schmidt’s blood.

Mondo no longer wears prudz. But. She still wears gloves to placate Frau Schmidt’s and her own glove fetish. An unintended side effect is that her conciliation prize stokes the fires of hers and Frau Schmidt’s perversion to a fever pitch.

Seven days ago, she traded in her prudz for cuffed black latex opera gloves, her foreskinz. And. She doesn’t mundanely glove herself with her foreskinz. They slither out of her purse and glove her. From fingertips to armpits. A second skin fit. Extending themselves underneath the sleeves of her coat. The gloves encase her upper limbs, in effect, rendering them prosthetic. These days she craves wearing these Borg abominations.

This switch by Mondo [from prudz to foreskinz] pleases Frau Schmidt to no end. The first time that she saw the foreskinz glove Mondo, it sent her over the edge, which was apparent by the Parts bulge in skirt which she quickly suppressed.

Mondo’s foreskinz look different. They’re more elaborate than you’d expect of gloves of the Borg persuasion. More runes, profane ones; profane runes have overwritten some of the original Borg runes. They’re creepy looking. Hideous. Disfigurement. They’re obscene!

Pitch black and covered in Borg runes. Form fitting. Assimilative. Cast with fingernails and varicose veins. They look like creepy, shoulder-high, black rubber opera gloves. They look like ornate, creepy skinz; ornamented and creepied-out by the Borg Queen herself. They are, in fact, skinz.

Gloves that feel like flesh. Gloves with that second skin fit. Gloves that are, in fact, rubber. Living rubber gloves that look like rubber and feel like flesh: Borg body armor. Borg technology!

These skintight gloves are obscene; even the sleaziest pornographer would feel dirty while gazing upon them, let alone touching them. They’re the ultimate masturbator, bar none.

Longitudinal and latitudinal suture “scars” are molded into each glove. The scars would look right at home on Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster. Shades of lipstik, that jagged scarification that is goddess Kali’s trademark script.

These raised, crosshatched scars give the illusion that the gloves have been pieced together just like The Monster. Shades of the crudely stitched together cannibal skins that are worn by Kali’s Belongings. The gloves are in fact one piece!

But. With all this exacting detail. There’s glaring omission, too. No Singha’s Talons. No razor claws, whatsoever. A pair of razor claws is not retracted into each glove.

There are other changes to the girl’s attire.

In place of her flesh-colored, French-cut [i.e., cleavage baring], pointy, torpedo bra circa 1950’s, is a contemporary black, lacy, French-cut [i.e., cleavage baring], underwired, Victoria’s Secret pushup bra with concealed front and rear hook-and-eye closure. Her double-D’s bulge in the brasserie’s modern rounded cups, the bra emulating the look of being one cup size too small for her tits, as it torques, contains, and compresses those very same twin peaks of hers. A post-modern brasserie that’s paradoxically a quintessential expression of the Victorian Era’s in-your-face “plump tits served up on the half shelf”—i.e., her bosom bulges her suitcoat, because her tits are being shoved together, up, and straight out by the underwired grip of a very “stiff” bra. The twin, mouthwatering, rounded bulges of her bosom when she’s wearing said bra resolves into mesmerizing bulges when clothes are worn over the brasserie. In other words, it’s the look and the effect of wearing a torpedo bra, minus the points of pointy bra cups, because in this case the bra’s cups are rounded. Modern versus retro expressions of what it is to be top heavy, and advertising it in spades.

In detail. So. It should come as no surprise. That the bra is a Lane Bryant, “Black Dahlia 3-Part Cup Bra with Stays 5851 from the Elizabeth Short Collection”—a post-modern version of this symbol of old-fashioned luxury and VDR. This ultra-supportive full-figure bra features 3-part cups with non-stretch lace upper cup and opaque lower cups with simplex lining for extra support. Multi-part, lined, underwire cups, with angled and vertical center seams, these cups shape and support without bulk. Vertical stays in the cups give added sturdy support. Wings are powernet to smooth the wearer’s back. Boning at the sides gives added anchorage. Wide-set straps. Sheer, embroidered tulle along top half of cups adds a sexy touch. Cups are lined at bottom for extra support. Center panel – arched for high tummy comfort, with satin bow. Sides and back are made of powermesh for a secure fit, and have elastic along edges. Seamless sides for a smooth look under clothes. Plush-backed straps, underwire casings, and hook-and-eye closure provide comfort. Wide-set elastic straps fully adjust in the back with coated metal hardware. Leotard back. This bra gives ideal support and coverage without sacrificing style. And. Contemporary references aside, this bra accurately reflects a very Victorian obsession with breasts—i.e., the Victorian Era breast fetish taken to the nth degree.

And. As a post script. With the cut of her bra and the cut of her suitcoat. A lot of cleavage is bared in this presentation of her breasts by said bra whether she’s wearing a suitcoat or not, and whether the suitcoat is buttoned or not.

VDR is Victorian dominatrix, of course. A look which screams: “I’m sexually repressed, and I want to hurt you!!!” which is the tease with sufficient sizzle, of course.

In deviation from their express agreement. In place of her Parts, she’s wearing her flesh-colored thong panties again. But. When she and Frau Schmidt fuck, she wears her Parts. And. She still wears her Parts when she’s stored in the central alcove. Additionally, she now also wears her foreskinz when she fucks Frau Schmidt and when she’s stored in the central alcove. The Parts still fuse seamlessly to her nethers and her foreskinz likewise fuse seamlessly to her upper limbs when she’s stored in the central alcove, and they cease to be fused to her body when she reverts back to being Mondo after emerging from the central alcove as Seven.

“Wisely. You’ve stopped experimenting on me, because of my sobriety.”

Frau Schmidt doesn’t waste time denying her unsolicited coercion of the girl—i.e., she doesn’t bother denying wacking the girl without prior consent, let alone for nefarious reasons.

“Yes. I have.”

“I think that you should unwisely decide to resume wacking me.”


“Figure it out, yourself, oh greatest detective of Mars.”

“Give me a clue. Just one.”

“These days when I emerge from the central alcove after reassembly, I am no longer the mindless drone with geriatric hair. Maybe. Just maybe. I should be forced by you to be that mindless drone again with geriatric hair, Borg designation Seven, who is the doppelganger of that mindless Section 9 Kum portrayed by Anne Hathaway in Ghost in the Shell.”

“You feed on me. Then, you store yourself in the central alcove.”

“Go on. You’re almost there.

“I’d exploit your wearing of the Parts and the foreskinz while you’re stored in the central alcove?”

“I knew you had it in you.”

“That idea is crackers.”

“Just saying. But. It is your call.”

After a long pause, Frau Schmidt asks: “Maybe it would end your sobriety?”

“Maybe. Or. Maybe I’m just being a sick prick tease who gets her rocks off by getting shitfaced and really fucked up.”

That’s when Frau Schmidt realizes just how far Mondo craves to take this.

“You want me to break you?”

“I’d be wack for sure, then.”

“Wack, my ass. You’d be a ghost in the machine.”

That’s when Frau Schmidt realizes just how wack this girl already is. And. The very notion of it, this glimpse at the girl’s near-bottomless depravity. Makes Frau Schmidt literally wet. Hidden by the table, her Parts bulge her skirt as she has an erection. Unable to suppress her own public depravity, she cums and she jisms. Her skirt pushes itself to clean her up in a timely fashion.

Presented with Mondo as a broken Seven to degrade and subjugate. A robot who would have a bottomless depravity. Frau Schmidt is beside herself. And. When that broken girl reverts to Mondo, that robot girl would again be pressed to abide by their original agreement and wear Parts for the duration.

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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — 5 Simple Steps to Greater Work-Life Balance

Tuesday Tip

work-life balance

5 Simple Steps to Greater Work-Life Balance

Everyone seems to be talking about the health of the country’s economy. And everyone seems to have a theory as to what is causing our economic problems.

I won’t waste your time giving you my theory. But I do know this — your stress and your unhealthy habits not only may be killing you, they may also be hurting your company.

Ron Goetzel, vice president of the Medstat Group, a health information company, found that our nation spends 25% of its total health care tab on medical care for unhealthy habits. That’s hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  Wow!!!

To get more specific, Goetzel studied 46,000 employees, from six different companies, for six years. He found out that the unhealthy habits of these employees cost their employers millions and millions of dollars a year. The sad thing was that all of those costs were unnecessary because all of the habits were changeable.

In a sense, training your employees to get rid of their unhealthy habits and get rid of their stress may be one of the best investments your company can make. There’s almost an immediate return on investment. That’s why, Take This Job and Love It! Keeping Your Balance in a Stressed-Out World, is one of my most-requested keynotes.

What about you? Are you as healthy as you could be? Are you doing everything you can to maximize your health and wellness? Do you have all the work-life balance you would like to have?

Don’t be like the person who said, “I finally got my head together. Now my body is falling apart.”

As you can tell, this topic of healthy work-life balance is one about which I’m quite passionate. I was severely disabled some 30 years ago, with some doctors predicting my future would be a wheelchair. I learned that many of my health problems were coming from my unhealthy habits, but I chose to change them. And I’ve enjoyed incredible health ever since.

Certainly, we all have to deal with genetics, accidents, and other factors over which we have no control. But if you will do the following five things to get rid of your unhealthy habits, your future will be phenomenal.

1. Don’t Fool Yourself.

Don’t delude yourself, thinking that you’ll soon be back to normal. You won’t be — if you keep your unhealthy habits. Don Marquis says, “Middle age is the time when a man is always thinking that in a week or two he will feel just as good as ever.”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your less-than-stellar health just happened.  Dr. Paul Tournier said, “Most illnesses do not, as is generally thought, come like a bolt out of the blue. The ground is prepared for years through faulty diet, intemperance, overwork, and moral conflicts, slowly eroding the subject’s vitality.”

Instead of trying to fool yourself, instead of pretending you don’t have some unhealthy habits, try proper defiance instead.  As Professor Norman Cousins wrote, “Don’t defy the diagnosis; try to defy the verdict.”

2. Overcome Work-Life Inertia.

In other words, you must overcome laziness.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to keep up your unhealthy habits than change them.

But that’s pure craziness, because deep down you don’t want a life of mediocre health.  You don’t like being sick or sick and tired.  And you don’t enjoy pain and suffering.

You want to be healthy.

Yet you may not be living the healthy life you know you should. You may eat too much; you may exercise too little, and you may know you have some self-destructive habits.

I implore you.  Don’t be like so many people who are slowly killing themselves and doing nothing about it. Don’t be stuck with inertia, as so many are.

You’ve got to overcome it.  And you start when you…

3. Visualize Health.

Take a few moments every once in a while to picture yourself as whole, healthy, and well, whether or not you are. You might even repeat an affirmation to yourself, something like: “I am filled with energy, vitality, and health.”

What you are doing is laying the groundwork for good health, because your life is strongly influenced by your thoughts.

If you dwell on how badly you feel,  you will make yourself sick, even if you’re not. And if you focus on how tired you are, you’ll get more tired.

When you think thoughts of health, however, it goes a long way towards being healthier. When you think energy, you will have more energy. All of this affects your work-life balance.

Almost every day, at one of my programs, someone will ask me about my energy level. They wonder how I keep it up, day after day, year after year, despite my heavy travel schedule. The answer is simple. I don’t think about how tired I “should” feel or how much jet lag I “should” have. I never get jet lag, because I just don’t think about it.

Are your thoughts leading you towards health or towards illness?

Two sisters went Christmas shopping together. One said, “Isn’t it fun? The crowds in the street, the throngs in the stores, and all the new things that are on display. I love to watch people as they shop.”

The other sister remarked, “The crowds drive me crazy! You can hardly move there are so many people. Things are overpriced and all they’re selling is junk. I’m tired, and my feet hurt.”

The next day, the first sister felt fine. The other one went back to bed with a headache. I wonder how much their thoughts contributed to their outcomes.

And then to have healthier work-life balance…

4. Make Conscious Choices.

Every day you make dozens of decisions that affect your health, and ultimately affect your work-life balance. Those decisions will build you up or tear you down.

Unfortunately, most of those decisions are so subtle that you don’t make them consciously. You may not even stop to think whether the food you are putting in your mouth is adding to or subtracting from your health.

You need to get off autopilot and make conscious choices. Take exercise, for example. Instead of just getting on the elevator, you may need … sometimes … to choose to walk up the stairs. You need to consciously choose what will add to your health.

Of course, some people think this conscious choosing will kill all the fun in life. It’s like the doctor who gave his patient the results of his annual physical. He said, “There’s no reason why you can’t live a completely normal life as long as you don’t try to enjoy it.” Or as comedian Johnny Carson said, “I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the time he killed himself.”

That’s not my point at all. Good choices don’t have to kill all the fun in life. I’m simply saying you can have more health if you consciously choose healthy behaviors more often. Don’t let your unhealthy habits be in automatic control of your life.

5. Eat Smart.

Research has proven that good foods add to your health and bad foods sicken or fatten you.

I won’t tell you what foods to eat. You already know more about the foods you should and should not eat than you are probably following. I’m just writing to encourage you to eat smart.

Two of the benefits you’ll get are proper weight and a longer life. The research is very clear. Every bit of excess weight shortens your life.

Perhaps you need to lose weight. I know that’s not easy. I’ve found that the older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight because by then your body and your fat are really good friends. And nothing in the world arouses more false hopes than the first few hours of a diet.

Some people think diets have to be absolutely awful to work. In other words, if it tastes good, spit it out.

No! A diet can be very simple. As one of my audience members said, she just used one simple exercise for losing weight. She just moved her head slowly from side to side when asked if she wanted a second helping.

Final Thought: Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip, Issue #880 – 5 Simple Steps to Greater Work-Life Balance

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1960s–June Wilkinson Autographed Photo—Fringe Vest Classic Photo

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1969 Press Photo Actress June Wilkinson

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Stare 1959 Apr Vol 5 No 35 vtg digest Patty Waggin June Wilkinson Humorama GGA

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Vintage JUNE WILKINSON Original PIN-UP MODEL B&W 120 Film Negative (NUDES)

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Top 10 Sexiest VAMPIRE Movies

What are the Top ten Sexiest VAMPIRE Movies?

Here is our list the of the Top 10 Sexiest VAMPIRE Movies Ever Made from Ranker:

#10. Blade: Trinity
#9. Ultraviolet
#8. Queen of the Damned
#7. Van Helsing
#6. From Dusk till Dawn
#5. Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
#4. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
#3. Underworld: Evolution
#2. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
#1. Underworld

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Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies of 2014- 2015

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The Last of Us [Girlie chicks with dicks, who are girlie chicks]

Mondo looks out the bedroom window in Frau Schmidt’s condominium. It turns out that there’s a gender-bending aspect to Frau Schmidt’s physical fantasy, and it is Parts—most insidious, indeed. She’s truly being molded into Frau Schmidt’s image.

They fucked hard and rough, for the fourth straight night after their usual twelve-hour shift. Frau Schmidt is asleep on the bed. She is naked, except for her perls and her Parts. Craving to be a she-male. She rarely removes her Parts, only doing so when she has to—i.e., Parts worn 24/7. Her geriatric hair is liberally streaked with grey and a “dirty” white bordering on grey. Her geriatric bush is the same mosaic of grey and dirty white. That is. Matching drapes and rug. A geriatric bush concealed by her Parts.

Mondo is naked except for her perls and her Parts. For her duration on the case and for her tenure as Frau Schmidt’s partner, she will wear her Parts in place of her thong. There’s a growing craving in her to be she-male. She’s yet to remove her Parts since she put on the robotic strap-on four nights ago. That she-male craving began after she first feed upon Frau Schmidt.

What else? No sternns and no sternka. Her hair isn’t geriatric, thus it is yellow-blonde instead of yellow-blonde liberally streaked with grey and a “dirty” white bordering on grey.

Oftentimes, after they fuck, Mondo will feed upon Frau Schmidt. Gorging herself on the Kum-tainted blood of the butch lesbian. Then they will get drunk and shoot up on reagent.

Yes. Frau Schmidt is a drunken, junkie whore also. But, she’s also one hell of a detective.

Besides the Parts, there’s another robotics device that’s worth mentioning. Something that goes hand-in-glove with that depraved sexual appendage. Something Borg that is just as sexual and depraved in nature because Mondo is a sadomasochist. It is the Borg alcove that she uses in place of a bed for her sleep cycles.

The Borg alcove that stands in the center of the bedroom is not that of a drone. It is that of a queen. As such. When Mondo steps into this central alcove it pulls her apart, killing her—it is an excruciatingly painful death, and, as such, Mondo craves it.

Each Borg drone is assigned to a specific Borg alcove within the vessel they are assigned to, while specific alcoves can be interchanged with certain modifications, the central alcove however is meant only for the Queen. This chamber holds the biological components of the Queen’s upper torso and head for regeneration while a mechanical lower half body is assembled and attached when the Borg Queen emerges. Typically however her emergence only occurs when the situation is deemed necessary.

The enigmatic Borg Queen is the central locus of the Borg Collective. She brings order to the legions of voices within the Hive mind and provides a common direction—much like the queen of an insect colony. She resides primarily at Unimatrix One in the Delta Quadrant, but will often leave this home base to participate in assimilation efforts of a special nature.

The Borg Queen has a unique personality and a sense of individuality that normal Borg drones are not allowed. She is usually the one who “speaks” for the Collective in situations where contact with outsiders is best conducted by an individual. But for the Borg Queen the concepts “I” and “we” are interchangeable. In her own words, she is the “one who is many”.

The Queen spends much of her time in her “lair” with her head and spinal column residing in the upper portion of this special alcove. When she emerges, she will “re-assemble” herself via this central alcove into a predominantly artificial body—the arms, legs, and torso are entirely synthetic, while the head and shoulders are organic, but with substantial cybernetic implants.

This well-endowed, anatomically-correct prosthetic body is stored in its constituent pieces in the base of the alcove. Upon reassembly by the central alcove, the five pieces are rise from their hidden recesses to be joined with the Queen’s biological upper portion, and then the Queen is dressed in an EXO.

In Mondo’s case, except for her Parts, she has no biomechanical aspects. But. The usual central alcove disassembly/assembly process still holds true. After Mondo is pulled apart, the chamber holds her head, spine, and upper torso [i.e., her shoulders] as one piece. The rest of her corpse is stored as five pieces [i.e., the arms, legs, and torso] in hidden recesses in the alcove’s base. Mondo resurrects in pieces and goes into sleep cycle.

For a short time after reassembly, Mondo only answers to her Borg designation of Seven—i.e., during that brief post re-assembly period, Mondo Kane does not exist and there is only Seven of Nine, a robot with geriatric hair wearing Parts, and that depraved robot is increasingly a butch lesbian. This Borg depravity turns on Frau Schmidt to no end.

Frau Schmidt is an evil person. A villain with a badge. And she intends to take full advantage of the girl’s depravity. By experimenting upon the girl. Performing the very same Kum experiments that she’s performing upon herself.

Mondo senses a presence manifesting itself in the bedroom. An apparition resolves itself into Dame Coco. Not Coco’s physical presence, only her astral projection.

“How goes things?”

“The usual, Coco. Frau Schmidt has proven herself to be just another in a long line of worshippers who craves to enslave me. Drugs, alcohol, sexual depravity, etc. And, she’s experimenting upon me too, and thinks I don’t know about it.”

“What types of experiments?”

“The Kum kind.”

“And while you are here, your investigation at the LC goes on hold.”

“Not quite.”

“How so?”

“While I’m sleeping as pieces in the alcove, encrypted transmissions can still be beamed into my frontal cortex via the alcove. In response, my Id will process the transmissions. Once the transmissions end, I’ll go back to sleep.”

“What do you want sent?”

“The cleaning crews are human and they have to sign in and out on a separate visitor’s log. Correct?”


“They work in shifts, staying for a month at a time?”


“And they are retards?”

“Yes. Severely retarded.”

“I want their logs sent to me, starting with five thousand years before Councilwoman Marshall’s murder.”

“What are you looking for?”

“I’ve got a hunch. It’s a longshot, but I need to see the logs for confirmation.”

“Consider it done starting with your next sleep cycle.”

Coco fades from view, with Frau Schmidt none the wiser. Mondo licks her lips and steps into the central alcove. She’s electric with anticipation about what is to befall her.

Upon ingress, the alcove tears her apart. Mondo shrieks in ecstasy and then dies. Her hair turns geriatric—i.e., her mane turns yellow-blonde liberally streaked with grey and dirty white, and her bush becomes a matching geriatric mosaic of gray and dirty white. And. Then. There is the smell of burning flesh as her Parts fuse seamlessly to her nethers, rendering that portion of her body prosthetic. A geriatric bush concealed by the Parts fused to her body. This sequence always happens upon disassembly. The reverse will happen after the short post reassembly period when she is Seven. Therefore. When Seven reverts back to being Mondo, her hair will no longer be geriatric and her Parts will no longer be fused to her body and will be merely a strap-on again.

The first of the encrypted transmissions is beamed into her brain via her alcove, triggering her to wake up. The girl’s eyes open. Blood running from her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Robot girl. Robot head.

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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — Men, Women, Conflict, and Communication

Tuesday Tip

conflict men women

Men, Women, Conflict, and Communication

When my daughter was seven, we were watching a TV program that showed a young man and woman jumping into bed together shortly after they had met. I didn’t like the message it was sending to my daughter, so I thought we needed to talk.

So I said, “Shelley, that TV program isn’t real. Typically a young man and woman do not just meet and then sleep together.” She responded, “Oh yes, Daddy. I know all about that. Usually they have dinner first.”

My reaction? I had a huge teachable moment on my hands. She had no idea that men and women often have different motives and different communication styles. And those different communication styles can lead to all sorts of conflict.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know (or were never taught) how to deal with conflict. That’s why I’m rolling out my new live web conference on 6 Steps To Resolving Any Conflict With Anyone on April 27, 2017 from 2pm to 3pm Eastern Time. Click here for more information or to register now.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re working with someone, reporting to someone, married to someone, or just hanging out with someone. Relationships can be difficult – on or off the job. But they’re most difficult when you engage in destructive behavior and don’t bring about a resolution to conflict.

Join me for next Thursday’s webinar to learn the 6 steps to you need to take to effectively resolve ANY conflict with anyone. For now, here are five strategies to help you lay a solid foundation for good communication – especially between the sexes.

1. Be Aware of the Differences in Male-Female Communication Styles.

Political correctness wants you to believe that men and women are exactly the same. But it’s a lie.

Don’t misunderstand. Certainly, men and women are equal (and they should be treated as equals), but they are not the same. As just one example, men and have women tend to use significantly different communication styles.

And both styles have tremendous value. But when males and females try to work together or live together, the differences in their communication styles can lead to added problems instead of problem-solving.

Here are a few key differences:

  • The difference in language usage. Women tend to use “hint” language while men tend to use “literal” language. Video-taped research has shown that women often use a question at the end of a sentence. A woman might say, “It’s cold in here, isn’t it?” What she is saying is, “Turn up the heat.”But the man doesn’t get the hint. It’s not his language. He takes her literally and says, “No.” If this goes on long enough, she might complain, “He never does what I ask him to do.” He replies by saying, “Just tell me what you want,” to which she replies, “I’ve been telling you for 30 years, haven’t I?”
  • The difference in communication purpose. Men use communication to report a fact while women use communication to build rapport. That’s why one person said women are so much more romantic than men. It comes naturally to them. Men, on the other hand, forget to do romantic things — like talk.
  • The difference in problem-solving. Then look at the style differences when problems arise. Most men want to win or conquer. So when problems arise, about 50% of men keep things inside. They don’t talk to anyone because that would make them vulnerable. That would make them less likely to “win.”Most women, on the other hand, use a different style when problems arise. They want to cooperate and relate. 94% of women go to someone when problems arise. They want to talk it through, usually with other women. It’s like the time two women were asking about the suitability of certain men for marriage. They decided men who have pierced ears are better prepared for marriage. They’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.

Once you understand some of the key differences in male-female communication, you also need to know how to resolve the conflicts that will naturally come up as a byproduct of those differences.

Because handling that conflict is so crucial, I’m offering my live web conference on 6 Steps To Resolving Any Conflict With Anyone on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 from 2pm-3pm Eastern Time. I hope you can join me.

So, is there anything you can do right now so you don’t make your conflicts at work and at home even worse than they are now?

The answer is “Yes.” You must avoid four behaviors that will destroy your work and family relationships. If you WITHDRAW, BELITTLE, ESCALATE, OR IMAGINE, you’re headed for trouble.

2. Do Not Withdraw.

In other words, when times are tough, you cannot clam up or refuse to talk about it. According to research by marriage expert Dr. Gary Chapman, 85% of failed relationships show a lack of communication. The people didn’t talk or couldn’t talk, so they grew further apart.

There’s some indication that men are more likely to withdraw than women. As one female comedian said, men are like remote controls. She said, “Think about it. They’re made for men. They’re ‘remote.’ They don’t get too close. And they’re in ‘control,’ or at least, they think they are.”

As poet laureate John Barrymore said, “We are as sick as we are secret.” Healthy relationships have lots of communication and most everything is out in the open. Sick relationships have too much withdrawal and too many secrets.

A sick relationship may be like the one the Andersons had. One morning, Mrs. Anderson came up behind her husband and slapped the back of his head. She said, “I found a piece of paper in your pants pocket with the name ‘Mary Lou’ written on it. You’d better have an explanation.”

Mr. Anderson replied, “Calm down, honey. Remember last week when I was at the horse track? That was the name of the horse I bet on.”

The next morning Mrs. Anderson sneaked up behind her husband and whacked him again. The husband immediately complained, “What was that for?” She said, “Your horse called last night.”

3. Do not belittle.

You can’t put the other person down. You can’t decimate his or her self-esteem. Such behavior, according to author Dr. Gary Chapman, is the number one cause of divorce.

It’s like the woman who was waiting for a diagnosis of her husband’s illness. The doctor came to her with a dour expression and said, “I don’t like the look of him.”

The man’s wife said, “I don’t either, but he’s good to the children.”

Such belittling destroys the stability of any relationship. That’s what Shirley Rogers Reinhart found out. She and her husband were at their daughter’s volleyball game when they noticed an adult couple in the bleachers being very affectionate. The woman kept running her hands down the man’s arms and massaging his shoulders and neck while kissing his ear.

Shirley said, “I don’t know if I should watch them or the game.” Her husband replied, “Watch them. You already know how to play volleyball.”

Cute? Yes. Dangerous? Possibly. Taken the wrong way, the wife could feel belittled, and that never builds a relationship.

4. Do Not Escalate Conflict.

In the midst of conflict, no matter how much you are tempted to say hurtful things, you cannot and should not do so if you want that happy, healthy relationship. You cannot escalate, and you cannot retaliate.

That’s difficult. I’m sure you’ve been in an argument where you’re about to lose your cool. Every bit of your previous training has taught you to shut up, but ooh, you just want this one time to say something nasty. You think it would feel so good to get back or get even.

DO NOT GIVE IN. Don’t say it! One hurtful comment almost always leads to another and another. In the midst of an argument, one woman said, “Sure Moses was lost in the wilderness for years. That’s just like a man. He wouldn’t ask for directions.”

To which her husband responded, “How can you say such things to me and also say you love me? If you really loved me, you would have married someone else.”

Obviously, escalating comments such as these hurt relationships.

5. Do Not Imagine.

When relationships are going sour, it’s easy to see more negative things about the other person than are actually there. This is an extremely dangerous place to be. In fact it’s often the last phase in a personal or professional relationship.

What happens during this phase is the establishment of a negative filter. One or both partners conclude that the other person is bad, worthless, or no good. This conclusion serves as a filter. No matter what the other person does in the future, it is viewed through this filter. It’s all going to be interpreted negatively.

You’ve got to forget the negative imaginations. You’ve got to be humble enough to admit you don’t know the whole truth. You only see it from your perspective. And you’ve got to keep on listening with an open mind and a discerning heart. People can change, and people do change. So leave a little room for that possibility if you want to preserve or build a relationship.

Final Thought: Relationships are more a matter of skill than chance. The more you avoid withdrawing, belittling, escalating, and imagining, the more positive and productive your relationships will be.

Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip, Issue 879 – Men, Women, Conflict, and Communication

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Hong Kong’s New China-Chosen Chief Bodes Poorly For The Island’s Freedom [香港新中国选举的总统对岛屿的自由很不利]

Original Source

By 16, 2017

The first female chief of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam faces a tough road ahead. It has nothing to do with her experiences and ability, but everything to do with how she was selected.

Last month, the Hong Kong government announced that Carrie Lam, a career politician who had been the number two official in Hong Kong for the last five years, would become the next chief executive of the city.

She will officially take her new position on July 1, 2017, which will be the 20th anniversary of the British Crown ending its 156 years rule of Hong Kong and returning the city to the mainland Chinese government. The first female chief of Hong Kong, Lam faces a tough road ahead. It has nothing to do with her experiences and ability, but everything to do with how she was selected.

To be fair, Hong Kong was never a democracy and never had a free election even under the British rule from (1842 to June 30, 1997). The British monarchy, upon the advice of the United Kingdom’s foreign secretary, always appointed governors of Hong Kong, who then led the executive branch of the Hong Kong government under the British sovereignty. These appointed governors never made any serious attempt to establish a representative government in Hong Kong.

Yet they did instill rule of law, protection of free speech and a free press, and a laissez-faire economic system with light regulation and low taxes. This approach helped turn Hong Kong from a sleepy rock island with few people and natural resources in the 1840s into a global finance and business center. Hong Kong has always ranked as one of the top three places in the world that promotes economic opportunity, personal freedom, and prosperity, according to the Economic Freedom Index.

China Is Increasingly Eroding Promised Universal Suffrage

Before turning over Hong Kong to mainland China, both the U.K. and mainland China governments signed a declaration in 1984 that stated Hong Kong would be governed under the “one country, two systems” principle and continue its capitalist economic system and protection of individual freedom for 50 years from 1997. Based on this declaration, the “Basic Law,” a de facto constitutional document, was later created and adopted to govern Hong Kong as a special administrative region of China. Article 45 of the Basic Law asserts that the chief executive of Hong Kong should eventually be elected by universal suffrage.

However, since China officially took control of Hong Kong on July 1, 1997, the chief executive of Hong Kong has always been selected by an “election” committee, whose membership has grown from 800 to 1,200 and is mostly made up of business people who rely on the mainland market and pro-Beijing political elites for their fortune. The committee has rubber-stamped any candidate Beijing told them to.

Hong Kongers’ hopes for a real election rose in 2007 when it was reported that China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) passed a resolution granting the people of Hong Kong the possibility of electing their chief by universal suffrage in 2017. But in August 2014, the NPCSC issued an election framework that went against the international interpretation of “universal suffrage” by insisting that any would-be candidates for the No. 1 office in Hong Kong must be vetted by a nominating committee.

The composition of the nominating committee remains the same as the existing 1,200-member election committee. The resolution also capped the total number of candidates for the top job at two or three and stated the winner must get at least half the votes of the election committee. This resolution practically closed the door on electing Hong Kong’s chief through universal suffrage and ensured Beijing would continue to have the final and only say in choosing the future Hong Kong leader.

Beijing Pressures Hong Kong Residents to Get In Line

That resolution prompted more than 800,000 Hong Kong residents to sign an online pro-democracy petition, followed by a large-scale protest later referred to as the “umbrella revolution” after images of protesters using umbrellas to protect themselves from police’s tear gas and pepper spray. But with Beijing’s backing, the Hong Kong chief then, C.Y. Leung, didn’t budge to any pro-democracy protesters’ demands and the protest eventually dissolved after the general public yielded to the fear that fighting for political freedom was damaging their way of life, especially business opportunities with the mainland.

So when it came time to select Hong Kong’s fifth chief since 1997, it was business as usual and Beijing had total control. In February of this year, Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the China’s National People’s Congress and a member of the Politburo Standing Committee, informed Hong Kong’s business leaders and pro-Beijing elites that Carrie Lam was Beijing’s preferred candidate. So in this city of more than 7 million people, Lam “won” by getting 770 votes from the election committee and her victory was a surprise to no one.

Had Hong Kong had a free election, pre-selection polls showed Lam would have lost by a big margin. The two decades of history since 1997 shows that without a popular mandate, Beijing-anointed chief executives of Hong Kong enjoyed low credibility and couldn’t govern effectively. Lam acknowledged  she probably would have similar difficulty because she was “selected,” not “elected.”

As the newest chief of Hong Kong, the biggest challenge she will face is whether she can reverse Hong Kong’s slow but sure decline. When mainland China took over Hong Kong in 1997, Hong Kong’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita was $27,330 (that of Americans then was $31,572), while mainland China’s was only $774. Hong Kong was truly China’s golden goose.

But the golden goose has been losing it shine little by little since then. The Chinese government has devoted enormous resources to pump up a select few Chinese cities to challenge Hong Kong’s international finance and trade center status. For example, China’s largest city, Shanghai, is quickly catching up with Hong Kong. With the backing of the central government, Shanghai has been able to use various incentives including tax breaks and the establishment of a free trade zone to attract international investments.

Beijing Deflates Hong Kong to Legitimize Itself

In 2010, Shanghai’s GDP surpassed Hong Kong’s. A year later, Beijing’s GDP also outgrew Hong Kong’s. Several other Chinese cities such as Tianjin and Shenzhen are on track to pass Hong Kong’s economic output in the near future too. Hong Kong’s GDP as a share of China’s national GDP has dropped from 16 percent in 1997 to less than 3 percent in 2013.

In addition to losing the GDP race, Hong Kong is gradually losing its prestige as an international finance center. In 2014, Shanghai tied Hong Kong for the fifth place in a ranking of international financial centers, according to an index developed by the state-run Xinhua News and Dow Jones. What’s really worrisome to many Hong Kongers is the trend. The same index shows Shanghai moved up one place compared to its ranking in 2013, while Hong Kong fell back two ranks.

The most telling sign came on August 23, 2016, when China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, announced that his company, Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co, which was listed on Hong Kong stock exchange, would re-list on the Shanghai stock exchange. Some predicted Hong Kong would drop from the No. 1 economic powerhouse in China to No. 9 within a decade.

Hong Kong is still years ahead of any other Chinese cities in terms of economic and personal freedom. Its independent judicial system is unmatched by any Chinese city and it’s the envy of the world. But so far Hong Kong has failed to help mainland China become a politically more open society. At the same time, China is making Hong Kong more like just another Chinese city by gradually asserting its authority over Hong Kong’s educationlegal system, and business operations.

Thirty years from now, in 2047, the “one country, two systems” principle that established Hong Kong’s special administrative region status will expire. Many predict Hong Kong will not only fall into a second-tier city in China, but could even be absorbed by its northern neighbor, Shenzhen, one of fastest growing cities in China with 12 million people and a stock exchange currently ranked number nine in the world in terms of market capitalization (by the same measure, Hong Kong ranked No. 6 and Shanghai No. 7). Will Carrie Lam be able to do anything to reverse the trend?

Helen Raleigh owns Red Meadow Advisors, LLC, and is an immigration policy fellow at the Centennial Institute in Colorado. She is the author of several books, including “Confucius Never Said” and “The Broken Welcome Mat.” Follow Helen on Twitter @HRaleighspeaks, or check out her website:


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Top Ten Badass Vampires – Movie HD

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Floyd Mayweather rants against Muhammad Ali being #1 on ESPN Top5 boxers 1/8/17

January 11, 2017 Floyd Money Mayweather in the Sportscenter studio to talk about the top 5 greatest boxers of all times and takes issue with Espn ranking of Muhammad Ali.

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Top 10 Worst Vampire Movies

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“He’s just very elusive…I was just so surprised at his age how just alert he was…he thinks defensive first…very smart at dictating the pace…very observant of everything that’s going on…he just knows every part of that ring,” stated former world champion Andre Berto, who explained what it’s like to fight Floyd Mayweather. Check it out!

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The Last of Us [Rape-ish, Rape-esque, Rape-like: What Is Going On?]

Rape porn is a vile and depraved subgenre of pornography involving the description or depiction of rape. It is controversial because of the argument that it encourages people to commit rape. However, studies of the issue produce conflicting results.

Rape pornography should not be confused with the depiction of rape in non-pornographic media. Simulated scenes of rape and other forms of sexual violence have appeared in mainstream cinema almost since its advent. For example, in the 1988 film The Accused actress Jodie Foster received a Best Actress Academy Award for her portrayal of rape victim Sarah Tobias.


Fraulein Kane and Frau Schmidt visit the crime scene. Frau Schmidt lets Mondo study the brief before she quizzes the girl. The supplied brief is incomplete and flawed, containing one of the early simulations. The purpose of the brief is to test Mondo’s investigative skills vis-à-vis crime scene reconstruction.

It’s not enough that Mondo meets Frau Schmidt’s physical standards. The girl must meet her investigative ones as well. Looks aren’t enough, neither is sexual prowess. Frau Schmidt intends that the girl is her new partner, a partner that she will have to train and mold. As such. The girl must qualify, no exceptions given. The girl must be the complete package, just like her previous partners have been.

Later on. If things go well here. She’ll test the girl’s sexual prowess, and the girl’s penchant for depravity and debauchery.

Crime scene reconstruction: To gain explicit knowledge of the series of events that surround the commission of a crime using deductive and inductive reasoning, physical evidence, scientific methods, and their interrelationships.

“Your assessment?”

Mondo decides not to scrum. Instead, she starts with the sequence of the attack. She’s succinct and to the point.

“Simon kills the senator’s daughter. The brunette doll chick guard reacts accordingly, but Simon is too fast and he kills her too.”

“While the blonde security guard, the one who looks a lot like you, does what?! Watches?!”

For girl watchers who crave De Blondes. Hot blondes rule the roost. Mondo looks like a lot of doll chicks—i.e., blonde, buxom, leggy, pancake ass, big mouth, slender, etc. Conversely. A lot of doll chicks look a lot like Mondo. Hers has always been the most popular look for dolls. A reign with no end in sight!

Instead of responding to Frau Schmidt’s retort. Mondo decides to scrum. Her 5/15 is per the police brief, to the letter.

“They … the blonde and the brunette security guards … clear the ladies room, somehow missing Simon’s presence, and declare it safe for the principal. Principal enters and heads for a stall to shoot up. The blonde closes and locks the door to the ladies room. Outside the restroom in the club, the rest of the security detail falls back wide and loose per presets agreed upon by the principal and her parents. No CCTV in the ladies room, and CCTV in and about the night club is sketchy at best.”

“The blonde and the brunette were experienced, well-trained operators. There’s no way he could get the drop on both of them. The blonde must have been his willing accomplice, because she sure as hell wasn’t being worn.”

Again, that acid tone in Frau Schmidt’s voice. It’s akin to fingernails raking a chalkboard. She can be a real uber shrew when she wants to be. And now is one of those times.

On the Mars of Earth-1, Mondo’s Earth, you can’t be possessed, even if your would-be possessor is an Angel, or is half an Angel as in Simon’s case. Therefore, wearing a person, or any other type of possession for that matter, is off the table as a possible explanation for the blonde guard’s inaction during the brutal murders of the principal and her partner.

“Simon never uses accomplices.”

“Well, he must have in this instance. And. Bad CCTV notwithstanding, only one person left that restroom after the murders. And. That person was not Simon, a Simon who was not found present in restroom afterwards. Explain that!”

“That person was a tall, leggy, buxom blonde who strongly resembles me on the CCTV footage you showed my betters.”


“A blonde you know to be a Secret Service agent. A decorated agent with an exemplary service record, who has seemingly, inexplicably gone rogue. But. Knowledge isn’t proof, most especially in a court of law.”


Frau Schmidt gestures for another scrum. Mondo complies.

“A dark night club, crowded, loud music—a security nightmare. Fuzzy CCTV images of a mystery blonde wearing round Edith Head sunglasses making her egress from the restroom after the murders. Images that, even after digital enhancement had been applied to them, failed to yield a positive ID. It could have been the blonde security guard. It could have been me. It could have been a lot of girls.”

“Continue, please.”

That’s when. In investigative terms. Mondo jumps the shark.

“When they cleared the restroom for the principal’s ingress, they didn’t somehow miss Simon’s presence. Because. Simon was never here. Which also explains why he was never seen leaving the crime scene after the homicides.”


This time, Frau Schmidt is smiling. The caustic tone is gone from her voice. She suppresses a strong urge to clap her hands and applaud the girl.

“Simon had nothing to do with this. It only looks like his work. And. I must say. It’s a superb copycat that would stand up to the closest and most expert scrutiny.”

“Go on.”

“Her frame of me was incidental—i.e., I happen to look like a lot of blonde doll chicks. But. Your frame of me was intentional.”

“Storyboard, please. You’re on a roll, Fraulein Kane. Feels like a jelly roll.”

“You tweaked the forensics in the brief you showed me to see just how good a detective I am.” Mondo pauses for effect, then she continues. “It was the brunette who closed and locked the restroom door, not the blonde. While she was occupied securing said door. With her back turned to the action. The blonde killed the principal. The brunette reacted. Turning around. While simultaneously reaching for her sidearm. But. The blonde beat her to the punch.”

“Excellent. You get a passing grade. Do you wish to see the complete, undoctored brief, including the current simulation?”

“Later, after you fuck me.”

“Fair enough. I’ve kept you waiting long enough.”

Frau Schmidt craves to fuck rough, very rough—i.e., indistinguishable from gang rape. And, Mondo will be more than willing to comply. Increasingly, in an expression of her growing inner Goon, Mondo engages in rape-ish sex, both as the “raped” and the “rapist”.

“One more thing.”

“Yes?” Frau Schmidt asks in the spirit of good gaming. She can guess what the comely girl’s question is.

“Why me?”

“Why you? Because you look like every partner I get assigned to me. One of the perks of being the best detective, civilian or military, on Mars.”

“I’m not a detective on the Martian Civilian Police Force (MCPF).” Then. While winking at Frau Schmidt. Mondo playfully adds: “So, how can I be assigned to you as your partner?”

“You’re a Grimm Reaper. So. In effect, you are a detective on the force. We’ll make it official in the morning—i.e., you being on the force and you being assigned as my partner. Capish.”

“So … You’ve okayed this with your superiors, beforehand?”

“Yes. I have.”

“And your honorable intentions are what?”

“I will train you and mold you into my image, sexual and otherwise. And in the course of doing so, I will remake you into my ideal of what an investigator should be. When we return you to the LC, where you will resume your duties as Dame Miller’s Girl Friday, you will be better able to unravel that case they’ve assigned you.”

“That’s most gracious of you, Frau Schmidt. I would love to be your partner.”

“Thank you, Fraulein Kane, for consenting to being my partner.”

Per ROE. Frau Schmidt wanted Mondo’s assistance on this murder investigation. So. She acquired it in this expected, roundabout manner. Intervention by inhumans cannot be directly asked for in strictly human affairs. Because. If it were asked for in that fashion, it wouldn’t be given. So. It must be asked for in this elaborate, obtuse fashion.

“Then. In the spirit of this new partnership of ours. I’d rather that you did the honors, Frau Schmidt.”

“You want someone dead. But. When someone is murdered, the police look to those closest to the victim as their first suspects. So. You distance yourself as much as you can from the murder. You hire a general contractor. That person in turn hires a contract killer to do the dirty deed. Everything is done anonymously. No one knows the actual identity of the other person. They just know how to indirectly contact each other. But. This is a very special situation. We know the killer’s identity. She’s dropped completely off the grid, but we’ll find her. And. For this to have worked, the killer would have had to have known more than just the proverbial mailbox of their handler. And. That handler will in turn lead us back to the client, because that client would have surely insisted upon guarantees, which would have negated the usual anonymity.”

“So. You flush out the rogue agent and their handler, and they become loose ends that need to be cleaned up by the client. Bait for a trap.”


“Enjoy me telling you what you already knew?”

“I enjoy you confirming to me, just how good a detective you really are.”

“So. I’m to assume that her dad is your primary suspect?”

“Yes. And as such. We must tread very lightly.”

“While developing an airtight case against him.”


“Enough talk. Let’s retire to your apartment. Where you … get to raping me.”

“Scrumptious. Now, I finally get see how good a lay you are.”

“And. Conversely. I finally get to see how good a bricklayer you are.”

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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — 3 Types of Difficult People (and How to Deal with Them)

Tuesday Tip

difficult people

3 Types of Difficult People (and How to Deal with Them)

Difficult people are everywhere. They’re the ones who cut you off in traffic or show up in the express checkout line with a cart full of groceries. Or they’re the ones at home or on the job who zero in on your weaknesses, giving you too many critical looks or stinging comments.

These difficult people may be a part of your daily life. They may be co-workers who make every work day a struggle, or they may be relatives who have a knack for ruining every get-together.

These difficult people may even be a part of your past, but deep inside, they’re still bugging you. Maybe you left home years ago, but memories of a parent’s put-downs continue to haunt you. Or maybe a former boss destroyed your confidence to the point that you’ve never quite recovered.

What can you do if you’re forced to interact with difficult people? You may not be able to avoid the person or avoid interacting with him or her. And you probably won’t change the other person. But there’s quite a bit you can do to make these encounters less upsetting.

In fact, the entire second day of my Journey to the Extraordinary program coming to Minneapolis on May 4-5, 2017 is focused on how to make any relationship you have more positive and productive. And there is a $500 Early-Bird tuition discount available until this Friday, April 14th. You can click here to take advantage of this special offer.

For the moment, however, here are five tips for becoming more effective in handling difficult people.

1. Let Go of Your Expectations.

As author Joyce Landorf Heatherley says in her book, Irregular People, difficult people are deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to your feelings. As she details in her book, these folks cannot or will not be sensitive to your emotional needs, no matter how much you explain or beg. What’s worse, she states, they are often incapable of giving an apology.

So let go of your expectations. Most of the time, you won’t be able to change difficult people or “clean” them up.

It’s like the man who was traveling through cannibal country. He came across a cafeteria deep in the jungle. A sign on the roof advertised the cost of each entree. There was fried missionary for three dollars, sautéed safari guide for five dollars, and baked politician for twenty-five dollars.

The fellow asked why the politician cost so much more than the other dishes. “Ever try to clean one of those things?” replied the chef.

Likewise, you won’t have much luck “cleaning” up difficult people. So if you don’t expect too much from them, you won’t get nearly as hurt or upset when you’re interacting with them.

2. Get Some Understanding of Difficult People.

That doesn’t mean you have to agree with them or even like them. But if you understand them a bit more, you’ll be in better shape to handle them.

Get some more information. You can never have too much. One salesman learned that when he came up to a country store and saw a gentleman rocking on the porch and a dog laying by the rocker. The salesman said, “That’s a beautiful dog. Does your dog bite?”

“Nope,” said the man in the rocking chair. So the salesman reached down and patted the dog, which, of course, leaped up, grabbed the man’s arm, and took a hunk.

The salesman said to the man, “I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite.” The man said, “He doesn’t. But that’s not my dog.”

You have to get some more information and understanding of difficult people. You’ve got to recognize the three major types of difficult people. And you’ve got to realize that your goal is to change the way you interact with them, not to change them personally.

3. Restrain the Critic.

Critics think they’re just being helpful, but in reality they’re bossy, arrogant, and nit-picking. They act as though they know it all, as they find the cloud in every silver lining. They think like author Gore Vidal, who said, “There is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise.”

Without some intervention on your part, the Critic can deflate your self-esteem and drain your energy. You need to restrain the Critic once in a while.

Critics often say things that are quite hurtful and you may not know how to respond. You may listen to what she says and then replay the conversation in your head for hours afterwards. You may go through days of agony before you think of a good comeback.

There are two things you can do to restrain the Critic.

  1. Challenge his intention. You need a response that doesn’t require much thought when you’re still feeling numb from the bite of the Critic’s words. Sometimes you can stop a verbal assault by firmly saying, “Excuse me. That sounded like a put-down. Did you mean it that way?” Such a response gives the Critic a chance to rethink her remarks, while making her realize you are aware of the subtle emotional overtones.
  2. Limit the criticism you will hear. For example, try saying something like this when a person is overstepping her boundaries: “You may criticize anything I do, but don’t tell me how to correct my relationship with my brother. For right now, that’s my business.”

I’m not suggesting you write off critics and all that they say. There may be some truth or helpful insights in what they say. I’m simply suggesting that you need to take care of yourself and put things in perspective. In other words, the critic’s comments may be important, but ultimately what you decide to do is the most important. You’ve got to keep your dreams alive and not let the critics snuff them out.

4. Inform the Controller.

He’s the rigid, demanding one who just can’t let go. He’s got to have his way. So, he invades your personal and professional territory. In most cases, he’s not trying to hurt you. In fact, he’s not even thinking about you. He’s only thinking about his desire for control.

So what can you … should you … do with a Controller?

Educate him, so he knows there’s another human being in his presence with real thoughts and real feelings that need to be considered. Use statements that describe how you feel when he says or does a particularly controlling thing. Explain why the behavior is unacceptable to you. Offer some suggestions as to what would help the situation and share your willingness to listen to his ideas.

5. Distance the Martyrs.

They’re the ones who claim to get the short end of the stick in everything. They’re the victims in life, who are flattened by the smallest difficulty, yet they seldom take any action to better their situation.

Martyrs are seeking pity, and they’ll try to make you feel guilty for having more, or not doing more for them. And even if you did more for them, it wouldn’t be enough.

So you need to physically distance yourself from these people. Don’t spend too much time with them. However, if you can’t avoid them, make sure your own self-esteem is in good shape so they don’t bring you down.

You can also distance yourself emotionally. Martyrs want you to join their pity party. Don’t do it! Don’t feed their turmoil by adding your own stories of woe by saying such things as “That’s nothing. Let me tell you about the time I …”

Basically, you must refuse to be a victim. You do some things to make the circumstances better.

That’s what Bill and Gretchen decided to do. While half of the campers in the trailer park were complaining about the other campers playing loud music at night, they refused to be co-martyrs. They decided to take action. Bill and Gretchen mounted two large loudspeakers on the roof of their camper.

As the other noisy, boisterous campers were getting into full swing, Bill and Gretchen retreated for the evening. After a while, a low moan, becoming more and more audible, came from their speakers. The sound turned to an unmistakable wolf-like howling. And that was soon joined by a series of rising and falling harmonies.

After reaching peak volume, the loud chorus faded quickly into utter silence. The campground was deathly quiet for what seemed like ages. Then Bill and Gretchen announced over their loudspeakers, “Relax, folks. It’s just a recording. Good night, everyone.”

Final Thought: If you’re tired of the rat race, stop associating with rats. Or at the very least, stop associating with them in ways that do not work.

Dr. Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip, Issue 878 – 3 Types of Difficult People and How to Deal with Them

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Alan Blumlein: the prolific British inventor who gave the world stereophonic sound

Original Source: The Conversation 

By: John Chiverton, Lecturer in Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Portsmouth

Channel check: one, two. InspiredImages

The early 20th century was a golden era for scientists, engineers and inventors. Among those from Britain alone, a quick zip through the archives reveals names including Alan Turing, Ernest Rutherford, Frank Whittle, John Logie Baird, William Thomson Kelvin, and William Shockley – not to mention many others from all over the world. Another name that should be remembered among this esteemed company is the British engineer and inventor Alan Blumlein, who this year is to be given a posthumous Grammy Award for technical services to music, 75 years after his death

The extent of Alan Blumlein’s electronic wizardry is apparent from the 128 patents filed under his name while working at EMI. While he worked on electrical elements of many transmission and communications media including telephone lines, television and radar, perhaps his most significant invention is what we now know as stereophonic audio.

His technique used two microphones to record audio, still known as the Blumlein pair and used today, where two microphones are placed at right angles to each other. These microphones should be a special type known as dipole microphones, which can pick up sound in two directions, that is, from the front and the rear.

The pattern of sensitivity for a dipole microphone.

Blumlein Stereo Pair microphone arrangement.

When placed at right angles to each other, the two microphones combined can pick up sound from all four corners of a room, which captures in the recording the direction from which the sound originates. For example, people standing to the right and to the left during the recording will sound as if they are standing to the right and left of the listener when the recording is played back. This was the first technique devised to capture the direction of sound.

The idea occurred to Blumlein whilst watching a film at the cinema which, as was common in those days, had only one speaker. A single speaker for a large screen is a poor listening experience, and affects viewers’ perception of the film. Devising a way to improve it, in 1931 Blumlein filed a patent describing his “binaural” recording technique.

Blumlein also invented the cutting head that would allow the new stereo recording technique to be backwards compatible with the gramophone records then in use. To enable the simultaneous recording of two audio channels in a single groove in the record he devised a technique that captured the sound information from the two channels’ needles moving in two directions orthogonal to each other (at right angles, i.e. rotated by 90 degrees). For mono recordings, the stylus moved just left and right, but for stereo recordings one stylus moved diagonally in and out and the other stylus also moved diagonay in and out but rotated around by ninety degrees.

Mono audio stylus movement. A mono-audio stylus moves left and right to replay a mono-audio recording.

Stereo audio stylus movement. A stylus corresponding to the left audio channel moves in a diagonal in out motion whilst a second stylus corresponding to the right audio channel moves in a diagonal in out motion but at ninety degrees.

The combination of Blumlein’s inventions related to stereo recording were used to make the first stereo recordings of the London Philharmonic Orchestra in 1933 at what would be subsequently known as Abbey Road Studios. Interestingly, it took some time before the technology became more widespread – the Beatles’ LPs were made in mono, single-channel recordings even 30 years later.

An inventive mind, largely forgotten

However, despite his incredible inventiveness, Blumlein’s name was not as well-known as you might expect. Only in the latter part of the 20th century has his genius been fully recognised, partly due to the recognition of this work during the war. He was a senior engineer at EMI when World War II began and the company directed its staff to help the war effort, and it was this that led to Blumlein’s death in 1942, aged just 38, when the aircraft carrying he and the radar equipment he was developing crashed.

British engineer and inventor Alan Blumlein

Such were his talents with all things electrical that his death was not widely announced – it was felt that news of his death would spur Adolf Hitler on, believing that the much-heralded radar technology Blumlein was developing had suffered a major setback. Variations of the H2S air-to-surface radar he helped devise became standard issue, and it was only as the RAF’s Vulcan and Victor aircraft retired in 1985 and 1993 respectively that it ended service, after 50 years.

Alan Blumlein’s work has been recognised with biographies such as the The Life and Times of AD Blumlein by RW Burns and his work was also commemorated by the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers with an IEEE milestone plaque at Abbey Road acknowledging him as the inventor of the many stages of stereo sound recording.

It is amazing to think that Alan Blumlein did not learn to read until he was 12 years old, yet more than a century after his birth we can hear and see his ingenuity around us everywhere today.

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

John Chiverton is member of the IET.


World’s First Stereo Recording June 1 1934 (not really the first, but a very early stereo recording)

“This is the first single groove stereo recording, produced at Bell’s Telephone Laboratories in New York City on June 1, 1934. AC Keller and IS Rafuse had already conceived a way of separating high and low frequencies and recording them on parallel tracks on the same record. Later they found a way of recording two complete sound tracks and reproducing both tracks simultaneously using a single pickup. From this came two full-range bands from left and right microphones in the same groove. In this recording you will hear Bell Lab employees Ted R. D. Collins, Harley A. Henning, and the inventor Arthur C. Keller. The stereo technique was patented by Keller and Rafuse in 1938.”

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The Ronettes – BE MY BABY – live

Be My Baby – Live singing performance by The Ronettes

Date: November 29, 1965
Place: at the Moulin Rouge Club in Los Angeles, California

GoGo dancers choreography: Ward Ellis & Teri Robinson

The Ronettes perform “Be My Baby” and “Shout” from the film, The Big T.N.T. Show, (1965) Directed by Larry Peerce. The song “Be My Baby” was composed by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry and the song “Shout” was composed by O’Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley, and Rudolph Isley. Filmed before a live audience at the then Moulin Rouge nightclub, Hollywood, California, U.S.A.

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