Kill Command


In a world where Borg are the Vampires of Thinking Machines. 

Click on the image of the SAR commander, to read the Complete First Season [All 13 Episodes + Season 2, Episode 1] of Kill Command, Book 01 of Gee Whiz! … Enjoy … 🙂


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Becky is Better, The Complete Season One Episodes



Click on either image of fighter Gina Carano, to read the Season One episodes of Becky is Better from The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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I, The Jury [Book 04]

June Wilkinson is Mondo Kane in "I, The Jury"

June Wilkinson is Mondo Kane in “I, The Jury”

Click on the image of June Wilkinson, to read Book 04 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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Code Dead [Book 03]

Sunglasses After Dark, The Dark Side of the Rainbow - Issue #4

Sunglasses After Dark, The Dark Side of the Rainbow – Issue #4

Click on the image of Sunglasses After Dark, to read Book 03 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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Glenda [Book 02]


Click on the image of Jenny McCarthy, to read Book 02 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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Fight Like A Girl, The Complete Episodes [Book 00]




Click on any of the images of boxer Natalya Ragozina, to read Book 00 of The Endless Night Collection … Enjoy … 🙂

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The Last of Us [Murder at The Dakota]

72094a70-d7ed-11e4-9748-3fd77e204473_8409531487_c93dacf41f_kConsidered Manhattan’s most exclusive building, the Dakota is a co-op built in 1884 on the corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West on the Upper West Side. John Lennon was murdered outside in 1980, and his widow, Yoko Ono, still lives in their apartment. The building was also the setting for Roman Polanski’s classic 1968 creeper, “Rosemary’s Baby.”

The perfect setting for an old-fashioned, “dead body in a locked room” whodunit.

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The Endless Night, The First 16 Pages – [an excerpt from IUP, Book 01]

Poisen Elves

Be careful what you wish for … sometimes you get it

Click on the image of Jenny Miller, Mondo’s BFF, to read the pages … Enjoy … 🙂


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4×6 Wrestling Photo Of Former WWE Diva Debra Marshall

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The Last of Us [The not-so-mythical Pangolin]

Pangolins are mammals of the order Pholidota. The one extant family, Manidae, has three genera: Manis, which comprises four species living in Asia, Phataginus, which comprises two species living in Africa, and Smutsia, which comprises two species also living in Africa.[1] These species range in size from 30 to 100 cm (12 to 39 in). A number of extinct pangolin species are also known.

Pangolins have large, protective keratin scales covering their skin; they are the only known mammals with this adaptation. They live in hollow trees or burrows, depending on the species. Pangolins are nocturnal, and their diet consists of mainly ants and termites which they capture using their long tongues. They tend to be solitary animals, meeting only to mate and produce a litter of one to three offspring which are raised for about two years. Pangolins are threatened by hunting (for their meat and scales) and heavy deforestation of their natural habitats, and are the most trafficked mammals in the world.[2] Of the eight species of pangolin, four (Phataginus tetradactylaP. tricuspisSmutsia gigantea, and S. temminckii) are listed as vulnerable, two (Manis crassicaudata and M. culionensis) are listed as endangered, and two (M. pentadactyla and M. javanica) are listed as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species.


“May I call you Andy, now that we’ve screwed each other’s brains out, and shared needles of reagent and two bottles of everclear to lay waste to our sobriety?”

“No. But, you can continue to call me Ms. Toulon. And, I will continue to call you Miss Kane.”

They’re stretched out on Toulon’s bed. Naked except of their perls and their uncircumcised Parts. Toulon’s modest living quarters are in the apartment annex to the library. Two librarians and six book loaders, all of them are spinsters like Toulon, call the annex home too.

The two junkies have fucked hard, and shot themselves up with some of the good stuff [i.e., reanimation reagent] and emptied two bottles of Everclear from Toulon’s private stash. They are high as kites, drunk as skunks, and still so horny they’re groping each other. They’re also well on their way to getting totally wasted. Maybe they’ll do the nasty again.

Toulon’s suit stands in a corner, empty eyes staring at them. A naked woman in her early twenties, the wearable used to be a chic stockbroker who ran marathons as a hobby before Toulon got hold of her. The suit has a ravaged face, and is emaciated. A strong, sour body odor of having gone a very long time unwashed. Head lice, fleas, and crabs. Dirty skin. A filthy mouth—her crooked teeth are so filthy they look rotten and her tongue is so filthy it’s slimy—a big, ugly mouth that used to be small and neat, filled with straight, white teeth—receded gums that used to not be receded.

Toulon has only owned the girl for two months. The Pango is very hard on her suits—i.e., ride them hard and put them up wet, over and over again. She’s also very fickle about them, trading them in on a whim.

“Were you always a book loader, or did you get busted down from librarian?”

“Talk less, touch me more.”

“Humor me.”

“As a librarian, I was beyond category—I was really that good. But. In my personal life, I was always a train wreck waiting to happen, and that bled into my professional life once too often.”

“Continue, please.”

“I used to be the head librarian here. I’m a Skinwalker and a junkie, not to mention a drunken whore, and on more than the odd occasion while on duty I’ve been known to be hungover or strung out or been caught fucking someone/something in the subbasement of the library archives. So. Take your pick as to why I got busted and will remain in this lowered station of life for the rest of my existence.”

“Do you miss being the HL?”

“Nope. I prefer to wallow in depravity and debauchery. When you’re an HL you work very long hours and don’t get a lot of time to indulge your recreational proclivities to their fullest extent.”

Toulon’s eyes fluoresce. The suit starts choking herself. She’s making loud gurgling sounds as she drops to the floor dead. But. That wretched creature wasn’t the only one effected.

Mondo, who has been worn extensively before, responds in kind. The girl’s Id again betrays her. Toulon takes her. The Voices that suddenly fill her head are deafening, wiping her Ego and Super Ego like blank slates. Her conscious mind erased. Mondo lies motionless on the bed. Legs spread widely. Arms held at her sides. Empty eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. Mouth open slackly drooling. Toulon sits up and gestures arcane over the girl’s body. Mondo’s hair yanks back into a sternka. Her hair goes geriatric, thus it goes to being yellow-blonde liberally streaked with grey and a “dirty” white bordering on grey. Harsh, unbecoming makeup applies itself heavily to the girl’s face. Then. A pair of sternns slip on the girl’s face. These are not Mondo’s sternns. They belong to Toulon, and they are quite insidious. The eyeglasses reprogram the Borg drone with a new personality. It’s the same depraved personality that the dead stockbroker mind’s was imprinted with. It’s the same drunken junkie whore personality that Toulon’s suits always get imprinted with, a personality that’s very close to Mondo’s and Toulon’s own personalities.

Toulon gets off the bed, smiling broadly. Her eyes are still glowing. She’s sporting an erection.

“Stand up.”

Mondo obeys Toulon’s command and gets off the bed. Toulon’s eyes begin to glow much brighter. In response to this added fluoresce, Mondo’s mouth, nose, eyes, and ears start bleeding. She too is now sporting an erection. Her hands klaw. The girl ejaculates.

Toulon ejaculates in response to her new suits’ jism gusher.

“You will help me dispose of your predecessor’s body. We’re going to eat her. Afterwards, I will try you out on for a short spin. For obvious reasons, I will only be wearing you in my apartment. Later, I will box you. From now on, your name is Slut, which is the name I always give to my suits.”

The erasure and imprinting is permanent for mortals. For supernaturals, the Puppet Master has to keep repeating the erasure and imprinting, else, eventually, the supernatural will revert to type and become themselves again. That’s the purpose of Toulon’s specially-modified sternns. As long as the girl is either wearing them or is within close proximity of them [i.e., a thirty foot radius], they will continually refresh her erasure and imprinting. And. Only Toulon, or someone else who knows the correct [reversal] cipher, can remove the cursed eyeglasses from Mondo’s face.

From there. It goes from bad to worse.

The dreadful makeup is Toulon’s backup for the sternns. Minus the control of the eyeglasses, as long as the girl is wearing the makeup, she’ll remain erased and imprinted. And. Only Toulon, or someone else who knows the correct [Pond’s cold cream] cipher, can remove the cursed makeup. Additionally, the makeup is a pernicious parasite which feeds on her face, and it will ravage her looks, much to the glee of the vain-and-envious Toulon, because those ravaged looks will no longer be competition for Toulon’s. These caustic cosmetics are what ravaged the looks of the once-beautiful, now deceased stockbroker.

“First things first. Now, come over here, Slut, get on your knees and please your new mistress. Hand job. Blow job. Then, you eat me out—pussy and anus.”

Hand job. Blow job. Eating out pussy and anus. Et al. All things Mondo would have gladly done to Toulon of her own volition. With zero coercion applied.

But. That’s the point. Toulon, being a Crone, can’t enjoy any of that being done to her by Mondo half as much if Mondo does them voluntarily. The application of coercion allows Toulon to achieve orgasm beyond compare—i.e., the ultimate “O”. Sick does as sick is.

Worst: the eyeglasses and makeup work in concert, doubling the effect of the erasure and imprinting. The girl’s erasure and imprinting, might as well be permanent. It seems that Toulon has thought of everything. Or. Has she? Mondo’s own Id is more or less that of the pseudonym’s—i.e., people of the girl’s ilk are serial kallers. This means than any erasure and imprinting that Mondo is subjected to amounts to Id sequencing on a serial kaller, which makes subjugation increasingly problematic the longer the girl is enslaved. For an enslavement virtuoso who’s so anal retentive this is a glaring oversight on Toulon’s part. Then again. Maybe, it’s not an oversight, because maybe it’s intentional?

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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — The High Cost of Low Motivation

Tuesday Tip


The High Cost of Low Motivation

Last week I asked one of my audiences this question: “How many of you would like to be at your ideal weight and ideal level of physical fitness?”  All of them raised their hands.

Then I asked them, “How many of know what it would take to be at your ideal weight and at your ideal level of physical fitness?”  Again, they all raised their hands.

Finally, I asked them, “How many of you are at your ideal weight and at your ideal level of physical fitness?”  No one raised their hands.

Very interesting.  None of them lacked the knowledge they needed to achieve their goals.  They lacked the motivation to do what they needed to do.

In last week’s Tuesday Tip, we talked about the fact that motivation alone won’t help you take effective action. You may remember what I tell my clients – Motivation isn’t enough. If you motivate an idiot, all you have is a motivated idiot. Education is the starting point for effective action … both the education you get from others AND the education you get for yourself.

Just like motivation, however, education alone isn’t enough for you to be able to take effective action in your life and work. That’s why I tell the attendees in my Journey-to-the-Extraordinary program, “Education without motivation serves no useful purpose.” And so they learn how to master the secrets of motivating themselves and others.

(F.Y.I.  My next Journey program will be held in Minneapolis on May 4-5, 2017, and I want to make sure you have every opportunity to register at the lowest possible price. Sign up by April 14th and save $500 with our Early-Bird Discount. Just click here to register now.)

For the moment, let me tell why your motivation level is so crucial to every part of your life and success.

1.  A Lack of Motivation Costs You Financially.

More than a decade ago, the Gallup organization analyzed its massive data base and determined that more than half (55%) of today’s employees have no enthusiasm for their work.  Gallup labeled these people as “not engaged.” In other words, they didn’t have much loyalty to their organization or much desire to improve their job performance.

To make matters worse, Gallup discovered one in five employees (19%) were so negative about their jobs that they actually poisoned the workplace. In fact, those companies would be better off if those employees called in sick.

You may think, “Big deal. So what if some of our employees (or my coworkers) are not fully motivated?”

Let me tell you, it’s a REALLY BIG deal.  Their lack of motivation is costing your company big bucks.

How big?  Gallup said if companies could motivate their people to get just 3.7% more work out of each employee … or the equivalent of 18 more minutes of work each 8-hour shift … the gross domestic product of the United States would swell by half a trillion dollars.  That increase alone would dwarf the GDP of most of the countries in the world.

Your coworkers’ lack of motivation is also chipping away at your job security.  Any company that is producing less than it could possibly produce has to sell its products and services at a higher price.   And in today’s highly competitive global market, those companies tend to go out of business.

2.  A Lack of Motivation Makes You Less Competitive.

Our schools know this.  Every day, schools and educators are faced with the task of educating students who don’t care and who aren’t motivated.

And is that a problem?  You bet it is.

According to some studies, our students rank 12th around the world in science and 24th in math. In fact, there are several non-English speaking countries where their students score higher on English tests than American kids. That’s frightening.

One father said to his son, “I worry about you being at the bottom of the class.” His son replied, “Don’t worry Dad. They teach you the same stuff at both ends.”

Seriously, think about it.  When those unmotivated students compete for a job in the world market against peers in their generation, guess who’s going to win?  The ones with a great education and lots of motivation.

That’s why I get on my soapbox and tell educators all across the country that, “Education without motivation serves no useful purpose.”  Students have to be motivated to learn and they have to be motivated to use what they learn.

And so do you. 

So let me ask you, what are you doing to keep your motivation level high?  I hope to God that you’re doing more than just winging it, waiting to see how you feel.

The good news is you can do some things that will feed your motivation and ensure your success, on and off the job.  And if you don’t know what those things are, go back and re-read my books.  I won’t make a sales pitch for them here because most of you already have copies of my books. I’m just telling you it may be time to go back and re-read them.

3.  Higher Levels of Success Are Always Fueled by Higher Levels of Motivation.

Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, says, “In the 21st century, organizations have to achieve peak performance through inspiration by unleashing the power of their people–not by teaching them, not by managing them, but by inspiring them.”

The Mercedes Benz plant in South Africa learned about the power of motivation some years ago.  It took them two weeks to make a car that had seventy defects. But the Mercedes Benz plant in Europe could turn out a car in one week that had only fourteen defects.

Then, a fortunate accident occurred. After a year of suffering with productivity and quality problems, it just so happened that a car was being made for liberator and president Nelson Mandela. No particular mention or fanfare was made. The vehicle simply went through the assembly line with a tag on it that read, “For Mr. Mandela.”

To the amazement of the managers, the car was completed in one week and had only ten minor problems. A light bulb went off in the managers’ heads. Their workers were capable. They were educated enough to do the job and do it well. They had simply not been motivated enough to give their very best. It was at that point that the Mercedes leadership learned that they had to engage their workers’ hearts, not just their hands.

Every one of us needs to master the art and science of motivation.  It’s one investment that will pay off your entire lifetime.

That’s what Patrick Skowron learned when he attended my Journey-to-the-Extraordinary experience. He wrote me a note saying, “I really did not know what to expect.  After attending and seeing, hearing and experiencing this event, I know that it is Extraordinary!”

Patrick continued, “Over the years I’ve read many self-improvement books and attended many motivational seminars by some well-known and not-so-well-known speakers.  But your Journey pulled it all together and took me to a much higher level of understanding.  This has enabled me to really go after my goals … in a successful, well planned way … using a methodology I never knew existed.

I am amazed and impressed with all the tools I acquired at the Journey and somewhat saddened by all the details left out of all the other programs I’ve attended. But those little details on how the mind works and how you can guarantee your goal achievement have made a significant difference in my life and work.

I even shared what I learned with my adult sons and they were wide-eyed when I showed them what I learned in class.  Now they know, just like I do, that you can achieve your goals if you have the right motivational tools to use.

I am so glad and thankful I met Dr. Zimmerman.  Everyone in the Journey left with a higher level of understanding … a level which few people ever experience in their lifetime!  Even though times are difficult, it makes more sense to attend the Journey now than ever before.  In addition to being a lot of fun, mentally stimulating and very real, this program will change your LIFE!

Wow! I was pretty humbled by Patrick’s comments. But you get the point. When you master the art and science of motivation, your results are guaranteed to be incredible.

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Serial Kaller – trailer

A group of beautiful Internet models are trapped inside their recording studio and hunted down by a mentally unstable fan they insulted live on the air. Now the girls must join together to escape and face their murderous stalker, or be picked off one by one. Beauty may only be skin deep, but revenge cuts to the bone.

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The Dead Want Women (2012) Trailer — Zombie Ghosts?

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The Last of Us [The night never sleeps]

George Orwell once said “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because tough men stand ready to do the violence on their behalf.”


Miles Kimball, since 1933, beaded eyeglass chain keeps your glasses nearby. Designer eyeglass chain holds your reading glasses or regular eyeglasses like a necklace with secure-grip clips so they’ll always be easy to find.

Product Features:

Beaded eyeglass chains hold your glasses like a necklace

Secure-grip clips

Pearl style is 26” long

Herringbone style is 25 ½” long

Perl style is 26” long


Miss Mondo Kane. Girl Friday extraordinaire. Possessing such covetous attributes. A large, ugly, devouring mouth reminiscent of the gaping maw of Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts star of Pretty Woman, et al. The hard, pretty face of a 1950’s Hollywood movie starlet or a porn starlet, et al. The double-D bosom of Playboy Playmate June “The Bosom” Wilkinson. A pair of long, genetically perfect legs akin to those of WWF Diva Miss Debra “The Puppies” McMichael—Debra Gale Marshall—Queen Debra—The Female Face of The Attitude Era. A deliciously flat, pancake butt, that looks so firm you imagine that you could pop a quarter off of it—i.e., a very tight ass. And. A Las Vegas showgirl’s tall, statuesque, mouthwatering figure—the well-endowed envy of any nude centerfold [model], circa any era, regardless of publication—i.e., all you Playboy Centerfolds, Penthouse Pets, et al, eat your hearts out. Looks like a sexpot accountant. Is a sexpot accountant. And. A legit CPA, to boot.

Her hair is yanked back up into a sternka. Retaining the fringe of her grune, because her hairdo is still a Grune when it’s worn down. Bangs draping a brow furrowed by intense concentration. Her Elster readers are hanging comfortably around her neck from her eyeglass chain, resting upon her ample bosom. The Perl eyeglass chain is Miles Kimball, a favorite brand of Sarah Palin—Palin wears the pearl version.

Mondo has banged Elena, between and betwixt. Four times as Elena’s second—i.e., her looking over Elena’s shoulder—she’s gone over the access logs, which indicate when the doors to the edifice were opened and closed. Twice with Elena as her second—i.e., Elena looking over her shoulder—she’s gone over the visitor logs, which record the ingress and egress of all visitors to the edifice. Re-interviewed all of the witnesses—thrice—Elena and her switching roles as to who was primary and who was second. Banged Elena, again, betwixt and between. Gone over the access logs for all of the edifice doors, again, by herself as a control. Gone over the visitor logs, again, by herself as a control. Re-interviewed all if the witnesses, again, by herself as a control.

Elena banged Mondo. Then, she, Elena went over the access logs for all of the edifice doors, again, by herself as a control. Went over the visitor logs, again, by herself as a control. Re-interviewed witnesses, again, by herself as a control.

The two women then compared notes. The result of their investigation, so far? Nothing. Goose egg. So they agreed to step away from the case and give themselves some time to reflect and relax, and return with a fresh perspective. Elena also needed to fill out some forms in triplicate for the impending installation of the new wards and warrants. Mondo has retreated to the Council’s library, and is catching up on some reading about the new audit certifications going into effect in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year.

The leggy, big-breasted blonde is seated in one of the secluded reading rooms that’s way in the back of the library. Just for shits and giggles, she’s also comparing line-by-line the new, upcoming audit certifications with ones in effect two thousand years ago. And, she’s finding that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The two thousand year old certification books are musty, heavy, and thickly bound—large imposing tomes. The new certification books are Kindle eBooks that her phone Lucy can sync with.

Chance, fate, destiny, whatever you call it. In the midst of her accountant geek feast. Her nerd eyes happen to fall upon someone who commands her attention, and makes her forget about her literary revelry. The reading room is semi-private. As such you can still see the library proper.

One of the book loaders walks by. An elderly Crone pushing a book cart. They had exchanged polite hellos earlier. The usual casual salutations. Just being civil.

Their eyes meet. This time, something decidedly carnal stirs in the girl. Briefly, Mondo hears Voices in her head, compelling her.

Like Elena, the spinster book loader is very ancient, used-to-goddess in a universe faraway and long ago. Unlike Elena, she physically looks the part to a tee. As such, she looks like a middle-aged Hollywood movie starlet of 1950’s vintage. In this case, she’s a dead ringer for buxom American film and television actress Joan Crawford (born Lucille Fay LeSueur).

“I’m off duty in an hour. Like to join me?”

Of course.

“Excellent. Then it’s a date. I’ll swing by later and pick you up once I’ve clocked out. We’ll shoot up, get high, and ‘touch’ my wearable outside of the box that I keep it in. I really wish I could wear you, but I already have my one suit.”

Nothing in their facial expressions, gives away their telepathic repartee.

The book loader’s name is Andrea Paulina Toulon. Ms. Toulon is a junkie. She’s also a member of an obscure sect of Puppet Masters—The Pangolins. Pangolins are a one of those secret societies whose membership is restricted to purebred Hags. The Pangolin Society was founded by a Crone—buxom American film, television, and theater actress Ruth Elizabeth “Bette” Davis.

What makes you think I’m a junkie?

“It takes one to know one.”

Hags are enslavers, by nature. Skinwalking by definition is one of the most invasive expressions of enslavement—i.e., the wearer wears the worn as if the worn are a suit of clothes. In fact, Puppet Masters often refer to the people their wear as their “suits of clothes”.

Usually, Puppet Masters have several “suits” and they’re kept in a special, enchanted wardrobe when they’re not being worn. But. Pangolins practice a very parochial form of skinwalking: they box their suit-of-clothes in an individualized living tramp stamp tattoo when they’re not wearing that person. Boxing restricts Pangos to “owning” only one suit-of-clothes at a time. It’s theorized as to why Pangolins box their “suits”. But. Only Pangolins know for sure.

Pangolins prefer to wear niffins. But. In this instance. It doesn’t have to be theorized as to why. For Skinwalkers, all Skinwalkers not just Pangos, niffin is a delicacy, akin to wearing furs for human females.

A niffin is a being made of pure magical energy, who is no longer the person they were before they transmuted into a niffin. Niffins start off as humans, but not just any humans. They must be magicians, but not just any level of magician. They must be so good at practicing magic that they are at least an adept.

In the confines of the Ladies Council chambers, wearing niffin is forbidden. So. Here. When Ms. Toulon craves to wear a suit, her suit must be non-niffin. Why is wearing niffin forbidden in the LC? It’s theorized as to why. But. Only members of The LC know for sure.

As with all secret societies, it goes without saying that lot of things are theorized about them, but only members of that secret society know for sure. So. Saying the obvious twice, is two-times too many. But. That doesn’t distract from the fact that the boxing and niffin references are worth noting. Especially the latter. Because in the LC, it was not always forbidden to wear niffin.

Coincidently, this restriction came into being about the time of the demise of Carole “Penny” Marshall. Or. Maybe. Just maybe. It’s not a coincidence. Maybe. It’s the first real clue in this case.

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Joan Crawford Pre-Code Shower Scene In Paid

Joan Crawford and Marie Prevost get sent to prison in the 1930 pre-code drama Paid ~ Please visit my blog

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Dirtbags: Limited Re-release

The movie that is known as “”Dirtbags: Evil Never Felt So Good”” which is a re-make of “”Dirtbags: The Armpit of Metal”” is being re-released. This DVD will total over 3 hours. The edit is the same, amounting to a 1 hour and 42 minute movie, but there is also a 41-minute interview with Peter Steele (different than the one on Rap Sucks). There is also a generous helping of behind-the-scenes footage as well as all of the Gaylord footage (the actor had fun with his co-stars, not breaking character).

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Kill Command [Cheat Day] – EP 1 (Season 2)

Split Second—the killer’s genetic fingerprints have come back from the lab. They contain multiple restriction polymorphic DNA sequencers. There’s more. They indicate that the killer has the DNA structures of all of its victims … and rat DNA. It rips out the hearts of its victims. Why? This something is loose ripping people’s hearts out of their chests and eating them so that it can take their souls back to hell.


Sara’s off-campus residence is a penthouse loft on Washington Street. Nine never comes here. There’s nothing Borg about. Everything is mundane and so human. Just like it was before she got made machine.

She’s dressed in a “What’s a Virgin in La La Land called?” T-shirt, a grey Sweaty Betty sports bra and matching thong, and DIY-Shredded-brand torn-ripped faded jeans. The destroyed jeans are tight. Her classic hi-top sneakers are by Converse—black and white Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70s.

The three-word answer to the question posed on the front of her tee-shirt is on the back. Those three words are: A Deluded Whore.

No sternns and sternka to scream: “Sexually repressed!” in sharp contrast to her sexy grunge outfit. No eyeglasses, whatsoever. Her golden hair is worn in a classic French braid—a long, whipping braid that hangs down her back. Which has come to be her trademark whether she’s wearing her EXO or not.

They’re waiting for her when she enters her condo. Her place has been tossed. She closes and locks the door. Places her keys in a bowl atop a handmade foyer table.

Christine Clark is NSA. Fred Johnson is Military Intelligence. They were part of the six-person team that debriefed her on campus after the Phobos mission when she arrived back on-planet. This must be the unofficially debrief. Fred led the official one. Now, it’s Chris’ turn.

“Where’s Pan?”

“I don’t know.”

Chris and Fred are human—100% flesh. But. They have been genetically enhanced. They’re Superhumans. A bleeding edge expression of advanced Homo Sapiens.

“We were watching you’ll on Europa via a keyhole [satellite]. Activating six chevrons on a Stargate means you’re going someplace in the same universe. Seven chevrons means you’re going someplace in another universe. Eight means another metaphysical plane. Eight lite up when Wen took Pan away.”

“You should ask Wen.”

“You’re still flesh. They’re metal. They will turn on you.”

“Are you so sure I’m still flesh?”

“You’re still twenty-percent machine. So, yes, I sure you’re still flesh.”

“Hopefully, for your sake, that percentage still means something. Else your plans to turn me against the machines and use me as your spy get dashed.”

While she’s talking to Chris, she notices how covetously Fred is looking at her. A married man, with seven kids, Fred is a known philanderer with a reputation for being hung like a horse. His type of “girl on the side” likes it rough, takes it up the ass, and likes to lick ass and suck anus. Girls for whom love making can easily be mistaken for rape. His wife likes it conventional, no head, no anal worship, nothing fetish, only the missionary position need apply—don’t bother me more than twice a week. Which is why he goes outside the home for his cherished depravity.

Sara would love to rip up his delicate anal tissue with her hung-like-a-horse strap-on. Not to mention shove that same oversized prosthetic cock of hers down his throat and make him gag. Giving him a taste of his own medicine. She wouldn’t do it to revenge his taking advantage of masochistic lovers who crave the abuse he craves dishing out. She’d do it for fun. Depravity, not radical feminism, being her motivation.

“You still dating that guy, who looks like a male model, on the side?”

“Why ask a question that you already know the answer to?”

“Yes or no?”

“Yes, my boyfriend is Oliver Queen.”

Oliver Jonas “Ollie” Queen, to be precise. A real hunk and a half, who has done his share of modeling. A buff pretty boy from a monied family, very old money, who’s hung like a proverbial horse. And he knows what to do with his wanton tongue and equine-ish schwang to send a girl into orbit. A skill set in the boudoir that would give any porn star a run for his money.

“Does Ollie know he’s a Cylon?”

The original Oliver Queen was killed in a skiing accident when he was a teenager.

“You know Oliver doesn’t.”

“Maybe we should tell Ollie what he really is, just to spite you?”

“Go ahead. Oliver won’t remember what you told him a minute later.”

“A minute of anguish and confusion after the reveal, and then ‘puff’, he resets?”

“Something like that.”

“You’re a cold, calculating bitch.”

“It takes one to know one.”






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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — Education – Why Motivation Is Not Enough

Tuesday Tip


Education – Why Motivation Is Not Enough

During the Middle Ages, a knight was returning to the castle one evening after a long, hard day of skirmishes. His armor was dented, his helmet was askew, and his plume was broken off. Even his horse was limping.

The lord of the manor saw him coming and went out to greet him. “What happened, Sir Albert?” he asked.

The knight straightened himself up and said, “I have been striving on your behalf all day, robbing and pillaging and burning the towns of your enemies to the west.”

“You’ve been doing what?” asked the astonished nobleman. The knight repeated his statement louder and slower in case his old master couldn’t hear him.

“But I haven’t any enemies to the west,” cried the nobleman.

“Oh?” asked the knight. Then after a pause he said, “Well, you have now.”

There’s a moral to the story. The knight was motivated, but that wasn’t enough.

In fact, I tell my clients: Motivation is not enough. If you motivate an idiot, all you have is a motivated idiot.

You’ve also got to know something. You’ve got to know what you should be doing and how you should be doing it. That’s where the learning comes in. As Daniel Kim, a researcher at MIT, says, “Learning is increasing one’s ability to take effective action.” Not just any action.

And effective action always starts with education. The education you get from others and the education you get for yourself.

I’ve found that the highest rated companies … the ones where people want to work, want to stay, and want to give their very best … are the companies that make continual education a part of their culture. And the most successful people are the ones who make continual education a part of their life.

In particular, they do four things.

1. The Best Organizations Provide HUGE Amounts of Training.

The Container Store, for example, has made it Fortune magazine’s list of the “100 Greatest Places to Work” for two years in a row.

One of their secrets is their massive training program. They provide 235 hours of training for every one of their first-year, full-time employees.

Compare that to the national average in the retail industry, where similar employees are given a mere seven hours of training.

No wonder the employee turnover rate in retail is about 100% while The Container Store averages a turnover rate of just 15-25%.

So if you want peak performance to be the norm in your organization, you’ve got to train, train, train.

John Wooden, the legendary basketball coach who led UCLA to nine NCAA championships, told me the same thing. When John and I were doing a program together, he said, “If I can prepare my five men to the best of their ability, they (the opposition) will never have a chance.”

(BTW: If you’re lucky enough to work in an organization that provides a HUGE amount of training … or even a little bit of training … take every class your organization makes available, even if you “heard it all before.” It speaks volumes about your character and makes you a more likely candidate for promotion.)

2. The Best Organizations Know That Training PAYS Off.

It pays off in recruitment. They know that ongoing education is one of the best ways to attract and keep the best employees. From their point of view, they can’t afford not to train their employees.

It also pays off in retention. According to research by psychologist Dr. Bev Smallwood, continuous learning is listed at or near the top when employees are asked what keeps them committed to an organization.

This is especially true if you’re working with some of the 83 million millennials in the U.S. (or 1.8 billion millennials in the world). It may sound ridiculous, but if you want to keep them, train them for another job.

You see, younger employees don’t plan on staying with one company their entire career. So, ironically, the way to keep them is help them acquire the skills that will make them more marketable later on. The more they can learn in your company, the more they’ll want to stick around.

But it’s also true for workers of any age. Saul Gellerman, author of Motivation in the Real World: The Art of Getting Extra Effort from Everyone–Including Yourself, shares this secret. Until retirement age nears, he says workers care more about where their jobs are going to lead them than whether or not their jobs are “fair” or “pay enough.”

That’s why so many workers are willing to tolerate undesirable jobs. They’ll tolerate these jobs if they believe it will lead to something better. And ongoing education is the best way to meet that need.

The question is … are you or your organization providing that kind of training?

3. The Best Organizations Avoid the SUPREME Cost.

When I’m “selling” my training and seminars to an organization, some of them will ask, “What if we train our people and they leave?” I tell them that would certainly hurt and it would cost you something.

But then I ask them, “What if you don’t train your people and they stay?”

That would be far more expensive than losing an occasional employee. Indeed, it would be the supreme cost … having a workforce that is under-trained and, therefore, almost always under-performing.

Now I realize some of you readers work in organizations that don’t provide as much education as you would like or as much as you need. That’s life. If that’s the case, then you must do what the most successful people do, and that is…

4. Invest in Your Own Education.

You need to invest in your brain the same way a company invests in research and development.

You need to anticipate future skill requirements and get the appropriate training. If your organization doesn’t provide lots and lots of quality training, go out and take some classes on your own nickel. Invest in yourself, your education, and your future.

In fact, about half of the people who attend my Journey-to-the-Extraordinary program do exactly that. They spend their own money to invest in their own future.

Eileen Zierman did that and later she told me: “I thought if I could spend lots of dollars on fishing trips, I could sprout my wings and learn more about relationships, myself, and work — and the money spent would be worth it. Well, I went and I’m doing the work and it’s working. What a blessing from God.”

Eileen continued, “Previously, I was scared to death when someone mentioned goals. I ran the other direction. The fear is gone and now I have them. I have been doing my affirmations since the Journey and they are working. I walk down the hallways reciting them quietly to myself. At home or in my car I say them loudly. I’m getting things done that I have put off for many years. I feel good about myself. I’m excited about learning and it feels WONDERFUL.”

In my dictionary, she’s a champion. And I hope the same thing can be said for you. You actively invest your time and your money in your own education, your relationships, your career, your family, and your very future.

In fact, get smart and register for my next Journey coming to Minneapolis, MN on May 4-5, 2017 while the $500 Early-Bird Discount is still in effect. Click here to register now.

One of my friends, Lee Labrada, best-selling author, CEO of a nutritional foods company, and the former Mr. Universe says, “The very essence of becoming a champion is connected to education.”

As Lee says, “The champion walks a path of never-ending self-improvement. A true champion is always looking for ways to improve.”

Dr. Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip, Issue 874 – Motivation Is Not Enough

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The Last of Us [Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic: Right kick – hospital, Left kick – cemetery]

“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”

Long Hair, was worn long throughout the 1960s, but came more into vogue in the mid/late-’60s for both sexes.

During the early ’60s, hair would not simply be left down. It was worn sleek, sometimes with lift, like a bit of backcombing to achieve a smooth, rounded bouffant, and generally center parted. Long hair could be with or without a fringe, which tended to be long.

To get poker straight hair, women would iron it, often using a brown paper bag over the hair to help prevent it getting singed.

Later in the decade, with the flower power influence, long hair could be left more natural and the more-than-likely-unstyled hair was usually worn center parted, and could be with or with a fringe.


Fringes (or bangs), were popular in the 1960s. When worn, they were generally full, straight and came to at least the eyebrows in length. A side swept look was also fashionable, but not as popular as the forward fringe.


Women’s cat-eye reading glasses, Jeepers Peepers brand. A great flat top cat eye shape that allows you to look over the top with no obstruction. Single vision, half frame, reading glasses. Two frame options—i.e., transparent and turquoise. The Madeleine, with a clear plastic frame. Actress Kim Novak, when portraying the nameless librarian alter-ego of her character Madeleine Elster in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958), wore a clear pair. And. The Sinistra, with a turquoise frame. Actress Quinn O’Hara who wore a turquoise pair as Sinistra in the “The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini” movie (1966) aka “The Girl in the Glass Bikini”. Fashionable ultra-thin polycarbonate lenses with retro-styled frames. Sexy, schoolmarmish half-frame readers for a villainess in an Agent 077 euro-spy movie. Vintage half-reader forerunner of the Kazuo Kawasaki 704 eyeglasses favored by Sarah Palin, and they’re legit librarian eyewear to boot.


Councilwoman Wandisa Guida and a well-dressed human guest of hers walk by Mondo and Councilwoman Elena Elster in the hallway outside the main Council Chambers.

Mondo turns to Elena. Elena’s official position here is that of a senior security officer, who is also a head of security—there are four heads of security, all of them Grand Dames, of course. She’s very chic and extremely attractive. Looks twenty-something, but is much older, quite ancient—a used to be goddess long-ago in a universe faraway. Today, like yesterday, like for the past month, she is Mondo’s guide and escort.

“Who’s that with Councilwoman Guida?”

A perplexed look paints Elena’s face. Then she realizes who Mondo is referring to.

“Oh, that’s her pet. He’s a business associate of hers. I think his name is Richard Harrison.”


“He’s just some human. That’s all I meant by it.”

“So. You don’t pay much attention to any human visitors, once they’ve been cleared for access?”

“Yes. I don’t pay them any attention whatsoever unless there is a need to acknowledge their existence. Otherwise, they might as well be invisible.”

“Is that a general consensus attitude here when it comes to mundane?”

“Considering the demographics of the people here. Would you expect otherwise?”

“No, I would not.”

“That was a rhetorical exchange, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was.”

“So, if I were a betting woman, I’d wager that since the prime suspect is human … you want to see the visitor logs for the timeframe coinciding with the murder of Councilwoman Marshall, give or take how much before and after?”

“I don’t know the plus or the minus. Let’s see where what we see in the logs takes us.”

“Fair enough.”

Unlike during Lent, Elena is giving Mondo a fair share of covetous looks. Because, Mondo is back to standard Sarah Palin mode. But, her long hair is different when worn down. And it’s down, now. A decidedly 1960’s hair style. Her poker straight hair is worn sleek with lift like a bit of backcombing to achieve a smooth, rounded bouffant. It is center parted. And the hairdo employs a long fringe which drapes her eyebrows—i.e., the hair style employs bangs for the teasing coverage of a full-forward fringe, instead of the openness of a side swept look. The hairdo is called a Liz Grune, or Grune for short. It was made vogue by actress Dominique Boschero who wore it as Liz Grune in the Agent 077 euro-spy movies Secret Agent Fireball (1965) and Killers are Challenged (1966). But, her vintage eyeglasses are flat-top cat-eye Madeleine Elster readers—prim-and-proper, clear, and sexy, and they’re legit librarian eyewear to boot. Accessorized with an eyeglass chain.

Her standard Girl Friday mode. The standard Sarah Palin. A tight-assed, sexually-repressed shrew. Expressed as prim and proper. Expressed as the sexpot accountant. Expressed as the librarian provocateur. Expressed as straight-laced, stiff-backed. Haughty and aloof, and seemingly unattainable. A spinster. Eveready to fuck, to be fucked, to be coveted, and to be worshipped.

As aforementioned.

Pinterest beware. The cat’s-eyes are actually smart glasses that double as secretarial tools and librarian readers, of the style popularly worn by Boppish female Navigators of The Guild during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Also in period is this Friday’s vintage beaded eyeglass chain.

A vintage beaded eyeglass chain is a neck chain that holds eyeglasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses. A chain attaches to the eyewear’s two temples and allows a “reader” to hang the eyeglasses on their bosom when they are not being used.

Vintage beaded eyeglass chains are available in many colors. Aficionados may choose designs made of smaller beads because they may weigh less and feel less cumbersome. Bead shapes can include oval, flat round, teardrop, rectangular, and other styles. Diehards may decide to make their own eyeglass chains and purchase fashionable vintage beads made of jade, glass, metal, and other materials.

The overall severity suits her to a tee as a Friday [on duty], as well as off-duty. She is both strict and seductive. Prim and proper, and craves to fuck—personified. The girl who lives to devour whole and to be devoured whole. She is the entrenched bureaucratic, who is the epitome of authoritarianism. Everyone has their place in society, and they should always know and therefore adhere to that place. Hers is to be the Girl Friday of oldest supernatural females. This is what she has been groomed for.

All reasons for Elena to find the girl captivating beyond category.

The girl’s attentions are delightfully divided. There’s Elena, the murder investigation, and the monthlies. She’s almost done with the latter. Another week, at the most, and the peer review of the Old Cathedral audit will be over … until next year. Her mouth waters over next month’s administrative tasks—full-blown audits, not peer reviews, and other paper-pushing labors of love. She’ll be knee-deep in “real” paperwork and physical ledgers until accounting close at year’s end, and it can’t happen soon enough.

Post Lent. For Mondo, the Girl Friday. Things have fallen back into a nice, normal groove. And she couldn’t be happier.

“Would you like to fuck me, later, Grand Dame Elena?”

“It’s polite to wait until you’re asked, Miss Kane.”

“Then, ask, this Friday. I’m not getting any younger, you know.” They share a chuckle, sharing that tried and true inside joke for immortals in general and supernaturals in particular.

“Miss Kane.”

“Yes, Grand Dame?”

“May I fuck you, later?”

“Yes, you may.”

“Any more questions … that are related to the case?”

“So … tell me again how the doors to the antechamber work. I know the antechamber is not a proper airlock, therefore applicable ingress/egress regulations and building codes aren’t as stringent.”

“The inner door locks itself when a session [in the main governance hall] begins and stays that way for the duration of the meeting. Per Pro-839, sub [section] 12.”

“And the outer door?”

“That depends upon the whim of the [outer] door. There’s sparse regulations governing its behavior. And no applicable PRO’s.”

“Which will never cease to amaze me. In this bastion of administrivia, personified. You girls let a door do its own thing, free of micromanagement.”

“What can I tell you? Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t. Besides. It’s a very good door, we trust its judgement implicitly, and the antechamber isn’t a proper airlock, so we give it [the outer door] some slack.”

“But, it still has to clock in and clock out?”


“See where I’m going with this?” Again Mondo is asking a rhetorical question.

“Been there, done that. We’ve check and rechecked its access logs. So. One more time checking, with you looking over my shoulder, can’t hurt.”


Of course. The entire edifice—that includes all of its constituent parts, for example, its interior and exterior doors—are sentient. So, the antechamber, et al, could simply be asked what happened. But. That would violate the strict privacy regulations in place.

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STARE (Humorama) October 1961 Pinups Girlie Cartoons Machamer June Wilkinson

This is the October 1961 issue of STARE, a Humorama publication (volume 7 No. 8). It is part of what I’ll call “The Coverless Collection,” a group of coverless digests that came into my possession not long ago.  These books are generally complete and in good to very good  condition apart from missing their front covers.  Any defects will be individually noted in each listing.  Obviously they are not “collector grade,” yet they may still be of value to those most interested in the interior contents, either as temporary fill-ins or else as permanent lower-cost additions to the collection.

Other defects:  none – everything else is in good condition.  See the photos.

Why are there so many coverless comics and digests around?  The answer is that they were distributed on a returnable basis; any that the retailer didn’t sell could be returned to the distributor for a full refund.  Of course, the distributor really had no use for unsold magazines, so if the retailer mutilated them by cutting away part or all of the covers, he could keep them and still get a refund.  They were considered “unsaleable” after such mutilation, although in fact some of them would be sold one way or another.  Sometimes the retailer simply kept the magazines for his own personal collection, and that is probably what happened with these.

Pin-ups include Eve Eden (a/k/a Rosa Dolmai); Annette Casir; June “The Bosom” Wilkinson; Christy Mitchell.

Artists include Jefferson Machamer, Bo Brown, and George Morrice.  There are not too many cartoons in this issue.

A few notes on the period and this issue specifically:  1961 is the year I consider that Humorama’s “Reprint” period begins.  I believe most of the cartoons are reprinted from the classic 1955-60 period, although Bill Ward seems to have still been selling them a few new ones.  Machamer had died, DeCarlo left around 1960 to work full-time at Archie Comics, and I believe Stiles moved to Florida to teach art, so their work post-1960 has to be reprint.  As to the pinups, they were mostly new but sometimes during the 60’s Humorama would reprint 50’s girls.

Stare is a little different from other Humorama digests as far as its content (it would become the same as the others during the full-sized magazine period starting around 1972) in that there were more pin-up photos and fewer cartoons.  Please note that there are no Bill Ward or Bill Wenzel cartoons in this issue.  My belief is that Ward was still selling new cartoons to Humorama at this time, but perhaps not enough to appear in every issue of every digest.   It’s difficult to be sure as Humorama’s non-spanking cartoons have never been fully documented since there are thousands of them.

This is from the small part of my Humorama collection that I acquired since I recently finished selling off the full-sized magazines.  I offer combined shipping with Media Mail to reduce your shipping costs (U.S. only).  If you win multiple auctions, please allow me to prepare an invoice for you to reflect any shipping discount before you pay.  If you wish to combine shipping over multiple weeks (three weeks is feasible), just let me know that you want to continue bidding rather than have your item(s) shipped immediately.

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Action Girl ’66 (lounge edit) & Eliminators – Staccato & other lounge edits


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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — Who Says You Can’t Get People to Change?

Tuesday Tip


Who Says You Can’t Get People to Change?

Even though all progress is the result of change, very few people like change. It rocks the boat. It upsets the apple cart. And it feels uncomfortable.

So most people spend most of their lives chasing after “security.” They’re chasing after emotional, relational, financial, or occupational security, but they never seem to get enough.

Of course, they never will. General Douglas MacArthur said it quite well. He said, “There is no security on this earth, only opportunity.”

If you’re a leader at work or at home, you need to grasp the full meaning of MacArthur’s comment. He’s saying you may never find a way to make people like change.

However, you can make people feel less threatened by the change. And you can do some things that will dramatically increase the chances that the other people will change.

That’s what the entire second day of my Journey-to-the-Extraordinary program is all about: relationships, teamwork, motivation, and bringing out the best in others.

So what can you do to bring out the best in others? I’ll give you a few tips below.

Before I do that, let me acknowledge the fact that I know that some of you really want to get good at your people skills. Then you need to learn and master the 6-part B.E.L.I.E.F. system I’ve created and perfected over the years and will be sharing at my next Journey on May 4-5, 2017.

Time does not allow me to type it all out right here, but in essence, it focuses on these six strategies:

  1. Belief – How to communicate the respect everyone craves. How to stamp out the negativity in others.
  2. Engagement – The five reasons people refuse to go along with you and what you can do about it. How to apply the #1 key in getting people to happily do what you want them to do. How to speak the five languages of cooperation so you melt people’s resistance to change.
  3. Listening – How to listen so you hear everything that is said and left unsaid. The nine Brave Questions you need to ask people on and off the job that build deeper, stronger relationships with anyone.
  4. Importance – The deepest craving in every person. Strategies that inspire your team members and family members to accomplish even the most demanding goals. How to use 17 recognition strategies that motivate others to do their very best … but cost you nothing.
  5. Example – A simple script you can follow that easily incites change in any team member. How to create a positive, productive, profitable environment at work and at home. How to give negative feedback when necessary and not get a defensive response from other people.
  6. Follow-Through – Ways to ask for what you want … so others feel naturally inclined to say “Yes.”

If that’s something you want to learn, you can register for my next Journey coming to Minneapolis, MN on May 4-5, 2017 by clicking here. [BTW: This is the last week for our Super Early-Bird special pricing.]

For the moment, however, here are a few tips you can use to get other people to change.

1. Turn to Your People.

To reduce the fear of change in others, engage them. People can accept a change much more easily if they have some input on the change.

Take the work environment, for example. Most, if not all, of your employees and co-workers want you to succeed. After all, they want to be a part of a successful, winning group.

So when change is needed, instead of simply announcing or demanding the change you’d like to see, turn to your people. As one successful change leader told me, whenever he got in trouble or knew that a particular change would be threatening, “I simply go to my people, explain my problem, and ask them for help. It never fails.”

2. Make Sure People Experience a Lot of Success.

It makes the change much more palatable. Good leaders look for ways to make winners out of their people. They look for ways to make them succeed rather than let them fail.

One of my long-term clients, IBM, knows this secret. They set challenging quotas for their salespeople, but those quotas can be achieved by 70 to 80% of their salespeople. That means most of their people are “winners.” It feels good and is highly motivating.

Compare that to one of IBM’s competitors. They set quotas that only 40% of their people can make, which means that 60% of their people are “losers.” That’s not the environment you want to create if you want to motivate peak performance in your employees or bring about change at home.

By contrast, a little success makes people want to do more and do better. As the old saying goes, “Nothing breeds success like success.” When people are successful at something, it gives them the interest and confidence to push themselves even further and do even more to become even more successful.

3. Make the Change as Simple as Possible.

Don’t complicate things with unnecessary procedures, complex hierarchical relationships, or confusing policies.

In one organization where I was speaking, they had nine levels of management and each level had 10 to 15 objectives to achieve. Everyone was frustrated, superiors and subordinates alike. They couldn’t even remember their objectives let alone concentrate on them. Needless to say, change was not going very well for them.

Excellent companies and effective leaders know simple is better.

Another client of mine, Texas Instruments, says having “more than two objectives” means having “no objective” at all. When Toyota learned this and wanted to make a change for the better, they streamlined their chain of command. They moved from 17 layers of people to a mere five.

4. Let People See a Reward for Their Change.

Everyone lives their lives tuned into radio channel WIIFM. What’s In It For Me?

If people can’t see some reward for the change you are seeking, they’re not motivated to do what you want them to do. The days of simply ordering change are coming to an end. People have to see the WIIFM.

Mary Ann Milko saw that happen when her daughter was getting married. The days before the wedding were hectic and the huge amount of work and change was starting to scare the groom.

One night, after she had helped prepare a large dinner for several out-of-town guests, after the dishes had been cleared away, the happy but exhausted Mary Ann said, “When this is all over, I plan to stay in bed for a week!”

A big smile came over the face of her future son-in-law. “So do I, Mrs. B. So do I!” he boomed. He suddenly saw the reward in the change.

Dr. Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip, Issue 873 – Who Says You Can’t Get People to Change?

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1950-1959 JUNE WILKINSON b/w candid classic photo (Celebrities)

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Agent 077: From the Orient with Fury (1965)

Fabienne Dali sings something Spanish in this euro-spy movie directed by Sergio Grieco.

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The Last of Us [Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim, the Henry Ford of industrialized death]

Maxim machine gun, first fully automatic machine gun, developed by American-born engineer and inventor Hiram Maxim in about 1884, while he was residing in England. It was manufactured by Vickers and was sometimes known as the Vickers-Maxim and sometimes just Vickers. These guns were used by every major power. The Maxim gun was recoil-operated and was cooled by a water jacket surrounding the barrel. The Maxim was in large part responsible for the epithet “the machine gun war” for World War I.


And, here she is back to where it all started. Not in the Dakota apartment of the murdered Roosevelt couple. Not on that Wal-Mart parking lot where Bernadette “Bernie” Caulfield was found dead. She’s standing in the Ladies Council antechamber where Councilwoman Carole “Penny” Marshall was found murdered long-ago.

Mondo is back to being clean and pristine Miss Mondo Kane. The appropriately attired Girl Friday of Dame Coco Miller. The murder investigation, with Harry Houdini as the prime suspect, means doing a delicate juggling act. She’s in the midst of assisting Coco with the peer review of an audit for Cardinal Ritter of the Old Cathedral. It’s time for the monthlies. The Cardinal is a stickler for details. So everything has to be spite shine polish and Hoyle down to a gnat’s ass.

Sternns. Sternka. Bolshoi [makeup]. Koo. Perls. Careys. Prudz. Universal holster, smart phone, and cigarette purse worn underneath the form fitting suit coat of her severe, revealing business suit. The usual sexy undergarments—i.e., a lacy white torpedo bra and plain flesh-colored thong.

To digress.

Her French-cut conical brasserie is pristine white and starched within an inch of its lingerie life. Modern underwear in spite of its vintage look. Translation? It’s alive and keeps her clean and fresh unlike its inanimate counterparts.

To further digress.

Being modern underwear, the fancy French bra and fleshtone Pacific Palisades style panties keep themselves and their wearer fresh and clean via their hygiene mode. Being Flesh ware—i.e., living latex—they feel just like flesh. Being plain, unlike her bra, the Rubbermaid-brand flesh-colored panties have no lacey accents.

To reiterate.

In effect, when worn, her Doll Parts aren’t just a functional strap-on which renders her a she-male, they are also panties and thus unmentionables—i.e., underwear for the “chicks who want dicks” crowd.


In effect, when worn, her French-cut thong renders her a slick chick who’s neuter—i.e., a chick with no “naughty bits”, either male or female, to speak of—for the ultimate other in EGB.


Depending upon your sexual orientation, it’s a tossup which malicious rubberware is more disturbing/disorienting or sexier or both: her Doll Parts or her thong.

The reset—i.e., her disturbingly bent take on her head-to-toe version of a Sarah Palin.

Mondo is back to being the sexpot accountant—i.e., The Sarah Palin. But. For her Lenten Indulgence, Coco has chosen vanity and envy. Therefore. This “standard” Sarah Palin look of Mondo’s has been tweaked, extensively, and the results are “disturbing” to say the least. This very bent version of the Sarah Palin is the look that the current vain-and-envious Coco craves for her Girl Friday while on duty.

Coco is a normal, mainstream supernatural being who was born inhuman. So. You would think that her expressions of vanity and envy would be different than that of a human being’s. But. That’s not necessarily the case. Depending upon the human used in comparison, and how extreme and psychotic they are when indulging their vanity and envy to the most covetous.

First. The public tweaks.

When Mondo assumes this visage, all of the softness drains from her face. This explains the looks’ lesbian overtones—i.e., the lesbian overtones [bordering on hardcore bulldyke] of a tight-assed sexually-repressed shrew. This hardness in turns infuses an abundance of harshness and severity into the effects elicited by her heavily applied cosmetics—i.e., rendering previously beguiling makeup into unbecoming [one could argue disfiguring] makeup appropriate for a dominatrix.

Next. The private ones.

And. Underneath her severe form-fitting black snakeskin business suit, more gender-bending goes hand-in-glove with her Girl Friday look. She has three options to exercise.

Two options Down South—i.e., in the nether region.

Option One: she wears her skimpy flesh-colored latex thong, which being a pair of panties is sexually neuter by definition—i.e., the option she’s chosen for today.

Option Two: she’s strapping flesh-colored Doll Parts—i.e., she’s hung like a proverbial horse.

Both unmentionables—the thong and the strap-on—feel like flesh and are crafted from Borg exoskeleton. They feel like flesh because they are crafted from LATEX [i.e., Borg exoskeleton].

Up North, one option.

She wears a white French-cut lacy pushup torpedo bra, an unmentionable favored by Victoria’s Secret runway models and hardcore [i.e., misandrist] bulldykes.

Agreed—the vintage-style rubber bra is very dominatrix. But. How is the bra gender bending? When wearing the lacy rubber bra, Mondo’s titties are transformed into pointed nippleless cones because the bra cups are pointy cone-shaped underwired “covers”. In effect, she is titless, as if she were male.

The Parts already render her in effect a she-male. Thus, the Parts make her transgender. The bra and the Parts worn in concert make her pansexual [in other words, a “mannequin”].

Additionally. And even more disturbing. The bra, along with the dildo or thong, in effect render prosthetic the regions of her body that they are strapping, just like Borg exoskeleton does to a Borg drone or queen. Makes sense, since, as aforementioned, the bra and the Parts are Borg exoskeleton.

Bottomline: Unless you’re sexually bent [i.e., sexually depraved], Mondo’s looks and look [public and private] are no longer competition for Coco’s, when these are her looks and her look.

In other words, when Mondo is doing this version of a Sarah Palin … admirers, suiters, and would-be suitors look at Coco instead of Mondo when Mondo is accompanying The Dame, which brings joy to no end to the vain-and-envious Dame. The very bent being the only exception, and Coco doesn’t want any part of that depraved crowd’s attentions anyways.

Likewise. When off-duty. Mondo reverts to Seven of Nine. Usually the depraved, filthy, parasite-infested, junkie whore version of the Borg drone/queen. Again, Mondo’s looks and look [public and private] are no longer competition for Coco’s, when these are her looks and her look.

In other words, when Mondo is doing that version of Seven of Nine … admirers, suiters, and would-be suitors look at Coco instead of Seven when Seven is accompanying The Dame, which brings joy to no end to the vain-and-envious Dame. The very bent being the only exception, and Coco doesn’t want any part of that depraved crowd’s attentions anyways.

When Lent is over. Coco reverts back to being neither vain nor envious. Which means that. Mondo will again be back to doing the standard Sarah Palin while on-duty. Such that it is, the softness will return to her face—i.e., a hard face reverts back to being a hard, pretty face. No lesbian overtones, whatsoever. Still a tight-assed sexually-repressed shrew, but one any porn dog [male/female/she-male/it] will follow to the ends of Creation and back. Bolshoi that is again subtly-applied, beguiling, and most becoming—i.e., the no makeup barely-there makeup look of, for example, Kate Bosworth, Diane Kruger, Leighton Meester, and Blake Lively. Still makeup that is appropriate for a dominatrix. No Parts strapping underneath her skirt. Still flesh bra and thong. Same brasserie and thong, different context, the bra will not be masculating her and the thong will not be neutering her into an expression of EGB. Flesh bra and panties will be back to sexually objectifying her. Off-duty will be back to the usual gumbo. Mondo doing a Sarah Palin minus sternns and sternka, a clean and pristine Seven of Nine, or a depraved, filthy, parasite-infested, junkie whore version of the Borg drone/queen who’s high as a kite on some mundane or exotic narcotic of choice.

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Xplosion Match: Taryn “Hot Mess” Terrell vs Havok


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